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  • hey, opened this topic to share my capx, and other people that want to share theirs for newbys or just share your awesome tests.Not sure if there is a topic already ...

    so my first shared capx is a volleyball game test with a stupid AI PlayDEMO, now the controls are bad, and the AI movement its kinda sluggish or to fast at some points, but if you want to see how i done it and how can you do a stupid AI and if you think you can improve it here it is theCAPX

    Rain Effect With No WebGL (a bit CPU intensive if you spawn to many but then depends on how big the raind drop size is ) Capx Download

    Simple Character rig and position of limbs to look natural when body moves, also changing the character animation towards left right by using mirrored action. Download capx

    Flower Growing/rollover effect for mouse/touch if you want a button or some object on hover or touch.hold to play an animation and on hold off or mouse hover finish to go to initial state. see images, download, share like, whatever


    image1 image2

    Download more apps loading icons from remoteserver, basically as long as you keep the same link to your app icon, you can always change the icons in your apps! so all people can see it!



    being an open topic section anyone can comment on topic and share their opinions and capx if they want to . or just ask question about the capx im sharing (no Spam things though you "the one that is posting no1 in particular so we are clarified" gonna get reported)

  • Why not just post in the .capx tutorial section?

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  • Why not just post in the .capx tutorial section?

    you mean on arcade? i already did that

  • To clarify, there's a capx example section/category of the tutorials: ... e=detailed

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