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  • Hi everyone,

    I just rediscovered this abandonned little prototype I built a while back, thought I'd share it just for fun.

    Consider it an homage to Cannon Fodder of sorts; you control a squad of soldiers around their squad leader, use some special attacks and collect keys and coins.

    I'm using my trusty warhammer sprites again for placeholder purposes.

    It's designed around touch interfaces, but it's pretty rough, so beware.

    You tap and swipe to control your squad, they attack autonomously, while you navigate them through enemy encounters.

    Movement is balky at times and makes for the most partl of the challenge and the level design is rather back-stabby at this point

    I know the controls are clunky, the ability toggle is awful, the units are sluggish - just some of the aspects that made me cancel this.

    Also there's a formation system in there (buttons on the right) that I never properly made sense of.

    But I thought it's a fun little piece of non-sense for what it is.

    Hopefully enjoyable with a little patience ;P

    Play here:


    There's also a tricky spot in the map that isn't explained well, so please note:

    There's a blue door that requires a key.

    You obtain this key from the blue tank.

    That tank can only be destroyed using the player's Nuke Ability!

    A unit needs to touch that door for it to open.

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