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Shoot balls to destroy as many blocks as possible, at each stage the game will become more difficult.
  • Byte Sized Heroes

    After a while of silence, we're finally ready to announce our project!

    What is Byte Sized Heroes, you might have asked? Well I'm glad you might have asked, because for such a question, I have quite an awesome answer.

    Byte Sized Heroes is an action/platformer/shooter that takes inspiration from Mega Man, Halo, and a couple other well known titles, including Time Splitters, Thing Thing Arena, and Super Smassh Bros.

    In the beta, you play as BYTE, a young soldier who's soul has been injected into a chip that combines with different armored suits. These suits, known as casts, give him abilities that manipulate his movement and combat skills. The use of these armors are quite similar to the Models in Mega Man ZX, with exception to the mass array of interchangable weapons, skills to use with said weapons, and multiple armor gadgets that allow you to change the flow of battle at will.

    Byte Sized Heroes' story will be visited later in development, after the Patreon is going, that is to say if we're successful, though, of course. I'm hoping to get some very nice voice actors in on the project, along with some nice animation and anime artwork. I've already started the writing of the story though, and so will explain in a moment how the story will progress, and how the player will be able to interact with the single player world. For now, I'll explain, in detail, the multiplayer, and future plans for the multiplayer development.

    Multiplayer will mostly be map based, and by that I mean that the game modes will require you to interact with the maps in certain ways. The first map and game mode, playable in the beta are Foundation and CAT.

    Foundation is a symmetrical map that has a large underground base in the center, as well as a large ground area above it. A large gate splits the two apart vertically, and two rooms are horizontally aligned, symmetrically, on each side of the ground area on top. Above those two areas are two rooms of the same size and horizontal positioning, as well as under. The two on the bottom are connected to the base at the bottom middle. The two areas on the sides carry temporary invincible shields, as neither area will include capture fields which will multiply the teams score. This will pull the player's interest away from the two areas on top, while still allowing them time to collect them if they go out of their way to do so.

    I'm trying my best to make an experience that seems like something you'd expect from Mega Man and Halo being combined to make a 2D Action Platformer, so let's hope I'm making a right direction in the development. I'd really like to know what everything happens whenever the game is actually uploaded.

    The upload of the game is planned for a later date, because multiplayer gameplay is still in development. Once it's all complete, the game will be shared here on my website, as well as IndieDB. Until that release is announced, I'll be sharing all information about the game development here on my blog.

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  • Nice animation.

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