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  • Byte Sized Heroes

    This is a very early release, as a demonstration of the games current progress, and does not an accurate representation of the final product.

    This version is free to share, and open source. The version here will be the Open Shareware version, which will be smaller than the full game, but open source.

    Byte Sized Heroes ~ Free Shareware Release

    A game that can best be defined as MegaMan ZX and Smash Bros. having a baby that was raised by Super Metroid and modern Sci-fi shooters. Byte Sized Heroes takes you on an action platforming adventure with a young robot trying to find his reason for existing, while fighting for peace in a war fueled by hatred, discrimination, and deceit.

    BSH gets most of it's inspiration from the MegaMan games, with specific design and development choices that reflect those of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyomoto and Yoshio Sakamoto, such as teaching the player through use of the mechanics, by demonstrating their functional weakness through half of a level, giving them the tool to overcome that weakness, and use that tool to complete their objective.

    Byte Sized Heroes takes gameplay mechanics strait from Super Smash Bros. All aspects of the game will be multiplayer, including the ability to cooperatively explore the overworld, Nevia.


    Our young protagonist, Byte, will be taken along a pretty open journey with slightly branching paths. Although the story will not have a profound impact on the gameplay, and it won't be littered with cutscenes; story will play a big role in the game.

    Taking inspiration from real life events and situations, Byte Sized Heroes acts an a narrative catalyst of your beliefs, allowing you to takes actions for what you deem the greater purpose, with no lasting negative impact, apart from losing a beloved character. The purpose of this: to be truly open. No propaganda, just you, and what you believe is best for Byte.

    The Story is very detailed, spanning (limited to) the length of three whole games. Though, details of the story will be shared later down the development process, so they can be shown with more quality.


    Byte Sized Heroes' pre-alpha has been developed by one man in two months while also working a full time job. It's been a taxing mission, but one I will overcome. Whether a Kickstarter will be made depends greatly on how quickly the game grows. I see no benefit in a Kickstarter if it doesn't allow me the time off of working full time via my other job to develop Byte Sized Heroes. I simply want to get it done. Done well, and make it GOOD. Case and point.

    Another year and a half of development is planned for the game, with a beta tba sometime in March.


    My goal with Byte Sized Heroes is to develop a game that can become popular enough to be known well for a variety of reasons. After that, the next titles will be developed in Unreal Engine 4, utilizing my UE4 pixel art shader. It will stylistically look quite similar, but will have much more fluid animation, movement, and cinematics; as well as have much more detailed artwork, with real time lighting, and much more depth to the world of Nevia.

    My Request of You

    If you want to see this game go somewhere, help me out. All I ask of you is to follow me on Twitter and share my game with your friends. I don't need your money, I need your support to make this game happen. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • nice graphics..

    I tried to play, but got stuck on the chat screen

  • nemezes, The plus signbutton starts a match, and the Join button joins a match. Just keep clicking the button until it works, it takes one or two clicks to register.

  • nice pixel art man

  • nemezes, The plus signbutton starts a match, and the Join button joins a match. Just keep clicking the button until it works, it takes one or two clicks to register.

    now I played.

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  • , Thanks! The character is very much a traceover-better animated version of MegaMan ZX sprites, but I want to make 3D models to pre-render. It's going to take a long time to do that though. I may not end up doing that, because the level of detail I've added to the animations, and the complete change of style covers it under Fair Use.

    I'm going to be making the next one in Unreal Engine 4, to add more artistically. It will still have the same pixel art style though, just with more fluid animations and detailed artwork with more scene depth. The background/detailed to foreground/simplified anime-ish style stays the same, and rendered with a pixel art render.

    nemezes, cool! I'm going to be constantly updating here! I'll make sure to let you know when the gameplay is 100% functional!

  • keep us posted, the plans you have for it sound good

  • , Will do! I'm going to be uploading again soon with functional scoring, dying, etc. There's still quite a few attacks to add in for the first armor, but I'm not really worried about that. I want to incorporate Scirra's highscore board, so that people can compete for the highest score's, K/D's, etc., so adding scoring and "death" is most important.

    I'll guesstimate that it will be within the next two weeks. Possibly only one, but no promises.

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