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  • A more close view in the gameplay idea:

    Hi! my frist time publishing here my work in progress <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> since its not ready yet, ill just upload a few screenshots

    The graphics are made by me, Rokuro and the UI is done like a collashe using "custom loadscreen hd" and "The Device" all from

    The game is about armored mining BattleShips, simple but with some crazy controls that makes you feel being in the ship or at least controling it far away. Im focusing in the user experience right now, and is quite hard D: it took at least 4 months.

  • Looks good so far!

    [quote:1hn1gpoy]Im focusing in the user experience right now, and is quite hard D: it took at least 4 months.

    What is difficult? To incorporate user suggestions or to elimate bugs? Or is it the balancing of the game? I'm interested in the game creation process in itself and it would be nice if you would share your experiences.

  • you are welcome to ask! i wanted to create a devlog but i don't have much time.

    Exactly, the diffuclt part is to balance the mechanics of the game with my emotion and sensations objective.

    For example, i want to create the sensation of brutality and speed in the user controls, for that, i used a well known metod: the speed grip and camera movement.

    The user must use this grip to speedup the ship, higher means faster, if the grip is under the -5% of maximum speed it stops. This way, the user have total control of the ship but at the same time feels the streght of gravity since it fight against the force of gravity.

    There are a lot of work to adjust just that, the grip lever. I tryed a lot of different controls, from the most basic joystick, a complete smartphone sensors control, butons for instant speed and finally this one, that makes me feel just as i wanted, as flying a strong fast spaceship.

  • That looks really nice. The graphics are stunning.

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  • kingpirux Sounds like a convincing concept. You put really some thought into it! So the ship steers like a heavy racing car which is extremely fast but hard to control in the corners?

  • Exactly, To do that, the car is made with many parts atached one to the other, so you actually see those parts forcin one with the other, with that i had the problem that a big racing car was hard to recreate using the limited resources in construct (computer resources, the game becomes too slow if i add too many parts with physics atached one to the other) so turned to boat or rocket kind car.

    Tthe difference is mainly where the forces are aplied, in a car the force comes from the front or the wheels, in a boat or a rocket it comes fron the center, any force in the laterals will make the "ship" turn and move.

    In cars rotate will be like having self torque in each wheel (like a 4x4 or Hummer) but again, a car is more solid, so the torque should be aplied 4 times (2x side), that's more computing, and it will be absurdly easy, so the ship will be able to do a 180º turn in a sec without problem even if a rock is hiting it from a side.-

    in a rocket the problem comes with stability, since the smallest push in the center will change his direction

    This time, it's stupidly hard, making the ship revolve crazy if an asteroid hits the center or the nose.

    At the beggining of the proyect, this game was rocket kind, but recently i realized that it was extremly hard to turn, so i added an invisible force in the oposite direction in the exact point in the other side (just like adjusting a screw)

    Now, for the gameplay sake, if i apply that theory in the right way, in the center of balance, i will need thousand parts to make it feel different from one ship to the other or limit it to some ships because the rest will be directly wrong.

    ¿how this can become an asteroids game, with constructing ships, tunning and at the same time har to master original controls?

    we'll see that in the next chapter xD...

  • So the idea is that you can configure your own ship exactly to your needs? Done right this sounds like a top-notch game with enough possibilties to keep the player enjoyed for a long time! This kind of concept would also guarantee an emotional attatchment with the vessel.

  • Long Time without updating this game, but i had quite a progress on it,

    For now i only can show this gif with the slowmotion integration. In the other hand, the game already have done:

    * Piece procedural generator (create pieces acording to a planet, acording to a bag of chances, so each planet have different pieces but there is the chance of getting all the possible combinations), there are only 56 different pieces but each one can have different atributtes and colour to create new ones.

    * Vending machine to sell parts

    * Balanced damage acording to speed and physic mass of the collision point

    * Slowmotion to allow the player recalculate direction and also creates a good highspeed adrenaline atmosphere

    Coming next:

    * Galaxy Generator (the planets right now are just numbers, i have to create a way to show them at once)

    * Garage (a place to store ship pieces and to upgrade and modify them) this one, maybe im goint to leave it just as a storage.

    * Implement the story mode (we actually have the story writed down, but the adventure system to read it needs polishing)

    * Implement configuration (because is absurdly heavy for effects and opengl)

  • We oppened a facebook page and a youtube channel <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

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