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  • Bridge Officers: Version Alpha

    Hello everyone. Here is what I have been working on with a total of 8 hours into constructing.

    The game in full design will allow up to 6 other players lan/wan to join you and fly one ship together as a crew. each crew member will have their own jobs such as Captain, Science officer, Tactical Officer, Helms Officer, Communications Officer, Etc. You will find random events in space from planet exploration to abandon ships floating in space. Every thing is procedural generated and no two games can play the same.

    There are other games like this already, I am building this to be ran in a browser with no client install needed. this way you can quickly invite friends with an IP or webaddress for fast connection and play ability.

    The state of the game at this point I am working on the Science officers console with a little Helm control for testing.

    All graphics are subject for changes, what you see now are placeholders at this time.

    the game doesn't do much at this state, you can fly around, scan each star, enter each star and check out the data as you fly around, random events will pop up on the screen in random locations at random times, but they do nothing right now.

    Capx: Bridge Officers

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