Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush v2.0 (WIP)

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  • I'm working on a big update for Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush, which will include new features since the first version.


    • Achievements to be awarded
    • Challenges for players to face, most challenges have special rewards and many of them can unlock new features
    • Multiplayer Minigames mode, replacing the 2-Player mode
    • Milestones, for tracking your progress
    • New Sandbox mode, so you can create your own stages and share it with the world (using Game Jolt Data Storage API)
    • Save your progress online, for continuing the game on another PCs (also using the Data Storage API)

    Story mode

    • Annoying objects, inspired from Arkanoid.
    • A new, but same story. Will show the story cutscenes before starting the first stage of every worlds. Also, stages in this mode will have different board sizes and also, tots and monsters to be rescued.
    • Unique monsters to assist the player, when the player fills the summoning meter. This feature will replace the Supa powers included in the characters. Instead, the monsters can be assigned as the character's assist monster .

    Classic mode

    • Classic mode is now rebuilt, this mode includes up to 20 stages and items will came out randomly from broken bricks.
    • A new stage selection screen for Classic mode, in a grid style.


  • Opening post updated!

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  • Naji, Rhindon, iceangel, mepis, IndieKiwi, procrastinator - I called you beacuse some of you have give me ideas, giving feedbacks, played the original Brick Breaker X: Rescue Rush and follow it on Game Jolt. I'm now having a heavy development for the biggest update on BBXRR! So maybe you want to stay updated on my Twitter or Facebook.

    I'll give development updates once a day with this hashtag: #SONARBrickBreakerXRescueRush. I'm also add these hashtags: #indiegamedev and #workinprogress.

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