Bren and the Sudden Occurrence of Death

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    CONTROLS: arrow keys + mouse

    left mouse = pick up / use

    right mouse = examine

    There are a few bugs, and things I haven't scripted in yet, like using things on other certain things (ie. nothing will happen). I hope it performs well, since I've practically thrown everything in to get the basic prototype working. I was mostly doing it for my own amusement, but now I'd like some feedback to see if it's worth continuing..

    I'm trying to nail the atmosphere.. so feedback on that alone would be much appreciated!

    The game itself won't just be point n click. I plan on integrating other genres but we'll see..

  • Graphically charming.

    I threw the fish into the tower.

  • Whimsical style, I like the vibe of it. With some good animations and music along with more funny interactions, this could really be something. Good job! How do you get that fish?

  • Well done hahah

    billy Bleeks It's all about the fruit.. ask Silverforce ;p

    Thanks guys! For once, I actually have a proper backstory in mind for this one. To make sure I stay on track, I may turn this into a devlog.. Life is getting in the way atm, but hopefully I'll manage to get more done through the week.

  • Nice mood, I like the effects you have used and the art style is cool. Keep it up.

  • Love it! Style and atmosphere. Was hoping for more pass the tower

  • I love the style. I was getting 48 fps in chrome with intel HD4600 - which was a bit of a surprise given that there was only one shader effect I could see and not much animation....

  • Cool. ^^.

  • GenkiGenga Thanks man

    PhoenixNightly Thanks! Yeah I wanted to add a little something after that but I knew I wouldn't have the time, and wanted feedback on it to make sure it was going in the right direction. This is a style that's pretty much out of my comfort zone, but I'm enjoying the challenge!

    Colludium Cheers mate! That's very helpful. Yeah the warping shader I'll probably lose.. it was just a quick and dirty way of making it look a bit less static :} There's also a multiply layer to darken it since it all looked fine when I was importing the graphics but found it needed to be darker so yet another quick and dirty thing. It also might be because there's a lot of wastage with the huge graphics. Strange though 'cause I have a HD3800 and get 60fps constantly hrmm

    pinoypixel Thanks

    Many thanks for checking it out guys! Definitely motivating me to push on with it

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  • Nice design, so cute.

    I pass the tower

    Note: if you catch the fish before that you throw the stone on the tower, you have the same dialog. If you click on the emplacement of the animal when he is not here, you have the same dialog than when he was here.

    Good job and good luck

  • MadSpy Thanks for checking out out oh didn't I mention you could double jump?? ;p

    Anyway progress is practically standing still atm.. friend is in hospital so my focus is 0%

    I hope things are better for the weekend.. it's the only "me" time I can get atm

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