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  • Does anyone here remember the old Brain training games for the DS like Brain Age and Big Brain Academy? Alternatively, maybe you are more familiar with newer app and web based versions like and Elevate. For those of you who have not played games like these, they are basically collections of small mini-games that tests basic mental attributes like reaction speed, memory, logic and problem solving ability.

    I have been fascinated with games like these for a long time, and I really want to put together my own collection and when I discovered Construct it felt like the perfect tool to make small simple games like these. So far, I have made two prototypes and plan to release more in the coming weeks. I am releasing each prototype individually to get as much feedback as possible so comments and ratings are much appreciated. Since each game is fairly simple, I am mostly looking for feedback on the interface and difficulty, in addition to bug reports off/course

    There are many games like these out there already, but the quality varies a lot, and premium services like are way overpriced. So my goal is that each game should either be completely original or improve significantly on an existing game.

    So here is the games i have made so far:

    Prototype 1 - Codename Arrow

    Prototype 2 - Codename Target

    Prototype 3 will probably be called "Codename Grid" and be out within a few weeks, so stay tuned

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