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  • You can play the game on the following link : Updated Beta V1.3. Or Click the above image.

    For mobile (Android - ARM) gameplay BottleFlip Beta V1.2 Its a bit intensive at beginning of stage 1, il do some optimization on next update.

    Current unoptimized event sheet counts at 79.

    Template Description :

    Bottle Flip Beta: is a casual game template, where you flip a bottle from a furniture to another, to pass levels, gain coins and unlock features.


    Current Version 1.2

    Update status so far:

    1.0 - Passed

    1.1 - New GUI - to be implemented - We are here - save state removed for now, angle&power meter added. SaveState Removed for the moment.

    1.2 - New Sounds and Music - almost ready, licensing details remain to be discussed, most likely il be using a free royalty sound pack.

    1.3 - Store to unlock new bottles/other items - implemented.

    1.4 -Achievements - - to be implemented.

    1.5 - Other Game Play Modes - partiallyimplemented only 2 modes atm .

    1.6 - Implementing Vungle/admob for mobile revenue - to be implemented.

    1.7 - collision check fixing - to be implemented.

    1.8 - more graphics to spawn for each level passed - to be implemented.

    1.9 - Preparing plugins/icons/descriptions for cross-platform export - to be implemented.

    2.0 Adding Save state, and local storage functions - Partially Implemented since V1.1- removed in V1.2.

    2.1 - Some graphic effects to be added, and available in scirra store. - Scirra Store Available

    Changes in V1.2 - reduced the dead-zone distance to 50 px, fixed the backwards drag, it only works in front now, or if your 1 degree towards right side.

    Power & Angle meter added, few color changing effects for each level, more furniture pieces.

    Added a few graphic elements to the loading layout and menu layout.

    New in game GUI

    Edited : v1.2.1 available, optimized the memory usage, drop'd down from initial 58 mb to 13 mb now, approx download 230kb from initial 1.3mb. mobile version updated also, reduced the screen size, from 1920x1080 to 854x480 for faster processing, before was running on 20fps, now can be seen on android 40-45 fps after first 2 seconds, android was tested on Galaxy A3 android 4.1+, while on desktop platform, shouldn't drop under 60 fps, unless its a very old one.

    Edited : v1.4 almost completed, for those who want to know when the coins are going to come in, here it is.... it has arrived

    Edited: V1.3 made it available, i switched the v.1.4 goals to v.1.3 since i worked that before the achievements, now remains to add the achievements, and after that to add the localstorage and other hud elements(i.e reset button,pause etc)

    Short Edit on V.1.3 : New slightly improved physics, reset game button added, back to menu button added, (there is a known bug where you buy a new bottle then go back to menu and the items locks back to initial status, thats why the reset button comes in place, until i fully implement the store.), Achievements options are added, however they are not working, they are there just for placeholders.

    If you played the game when it had the save feature and you are using Chrome, Clear Hosted App Data and Media Cache from Browser History - keep in mind doing so, it might cause all the games data you played on other websites to be lost, facebook games etc.

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  • update v1.3 available, due to the request of some users i added a few more modes however they are not the ones that allow the "cap land" bump*

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