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  • Hey,

    I feel like it's time to breathe new life into this project and show it to some audience.

    To cut a long story short: this is just an early demo to visualize which kind of game I'm having in mind.

    And of course would I be happy to have somebody to work with. I am looking for somebody to help me develop this idea further. It's not important if you are more of an artist or coder or neither. If you feel like you want to contribute and make this project to your project too, just drop me a line! I would be honored!


    Blue Burst is a mixture of a classic pixel-ARPG with some bullet-hell features and puzzles. As for now it only features 1-Player action but it's supposed to end up as an online game for 3 or maybe 4 persons. The player choses to play one out of 3 characters, which all have unique abilities and combat methods. Whilst facing different kind of enemies you and your teammates have to solve smaller puzzles to unlock the next door or trigger events to progress through each level. A level contains several puzzles, enemies and one or two bosses. Each of these levels is about 10 minutes long. The name may change.


    • different characters
    • meele and ranged combat system
    • enemies and towers
    • boss fights*
    • unique rage system**
    • small looting system
    • destroyable stuff
    • puzzles (portcullis, keys, buttons, etc.)
    • pushable and pullable boxes/barrels.
    • clean HUD

    (**)unique rage system

    This was part of the single player story which I have abandoned. You and your group are full of hate because the enemies have done something unspeakable to your people. If you don't satisfy yourself with killing an enemy or drinking a special potion ere your hate shrinks (small timer next to your life), you receive damage from a higher power since you have forgotten the face of your father. So make sure to spread a lot of blood!


    • viking (melee)
    • gunslinger á la Stephen King's Roland (ranged)
    • mage (ranged)

    How to play

    The game features keyboard and mouse input. You aim with the mouse.

    Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot. Change your character with R (demo only), open chests with E

    and freeze nearby enemies (as mage & gunslinger) with 2.

    It is also possible to play the game with a normal gamepad (walk with the left and aim with right stick).


    2014-08-08: initial post with the firstreleased iteration.

    2014-08-09: uploaded desktop version for testing purposes.

    2014-08-14: uploaded some preview gifs

    2014-08-29: added information about progress and art.

    2014-09-10: added ("old") singleplayer demo


    Most of the graphics are selfmade, however, for testing purposes only, some ideas are borrowed by "realm of the mad god".

    Sound & Music

    Most of the sound and the (yet not hearable) bgm are made by dangu (Twitter: ).

    Many thanks at this point to you guys. You are doing a great job!

    Known bugs

    • enemy AI sometimes slowes down the performance. I am not satisfied with AI behaviour yet.
    • If you change the character or die while playing the attack animation, the old character will still be visible.
    • other characters will be visible when attacking whilst under influence of the speed potion.

    Upcoming features

    • procedural generated level
    • multiplayer support
    • powerups
    • new enemies
    • simple shop
    • boss fights*
    • reviving system for teammates (like in diablo)
    • much more is planned


    click me to play.

    Don't hesitate to ask me any question, I will try my best to answer them! I appreciate any given feedback. Don't hold back criticism just because it's my first project.

    Layout of this post stolen from



  • This is great so far, an i love the pixel art. One major problem i had is that the game seems to pause for an instant every second or so making the experience very jerky. Tried on both Safari and Chrome.

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  • Ethan

    Thanks! I checked this problem with my pc, laptop and the laptop of my dad. Whilst yesterday everything was working fine on my devices, it now has these strange lags too. So has my fathers computer. I'm gonna check the source again, maybe I did something stupid, but it could be (!) a problem of the website on which I'm hosting the game. I could upload a desktop version just to check whether the problem is "homemade" or external. Thanks for pointing this out!

    Edit: here's a link to the win32 desktop version: not working yet.

  • It's been rather busy the last weeks and so will be the next ones. However I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the development.

    I stopped working on the graphics and didn't implement new game mechanisms since I wanted to get the multiplayer demo working. If this turns out to be good, I will continue working on the art and the gameplay once again. However working on a multiplayer game is extremely time consuming. Even copying already existing features takes a lot of time and effort.

    changes so far

    • added breathing animations
    • added a new basic attack for the mage
    • added some gfx-mockups
    • added Gamepad (à la Xbox-360) support
    • got a small multiplayer demo working with the most basic features (walking, chat, picking up drops, etc)
    • cleaned up the code :p

    Here is a link to the playable (singleplayer) demo (since nodewebkit was fixed): demo

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