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  • Hi!

    last days i thought about a new game concept (no mainstream clone).

    (target platform will be tablets/smartphones)

    The blind sheep (aka steps) was the result.

    It's WIP but i want to ask what you think about...

    how to play:

    touch and drag the player/sheep to the home.

    Avoid walls (a collision reset the sheep to its last valid position [you ended touching])

    so far: a heart refill your steps and lamps shows the walls arround it when passed over

    There are 7 (update: 11) levels so far. Press ESC to return to the menu.


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  • How can i know where are the blocks, or it's just a trial and error.

  • How can i know where are the blocks, or it's just a trial and error.

    Sounds boring 'trial and error' but it's not the only thing:

    There is some kind of help within the levels: the heart indicates a long walk, the lightblub indicates a 'difficulty sections' and there is more to come (a flash to show the entire level for some ms).

    The all in one gameplay is more like a

    memory game

    (with a bit of a puzzle game).

    You explore the path to the exit- and mostly lose at the beginning - but you can remember the path in part and learn the level mechanics (e.g. select the key to open a door or get the heart to finish the level).

    Finally you're managing the whole way and win the level.

    (The game always start with 'your' current level but you can reset the game to start over)

    The rule of the game is: You have 100 steps to reach the exit (unnoticed how you use it).

    On and on level get harder and - if you like such games - you have fun to play the other challenges...

    More to come:

    The game is still WIP and while creating new levels i add the one and other idea to make the game more fun...

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