make it black (casual) - for Rikoshe Game Jam

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  • Hi, this little game is pretty simple but has some twists.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Level ordering?


    In this version you can visit any level by double clicking the "make it black" header.

    The Levels are also timed if you want to go the extra mile


    There was a bug in Level2+5 (now fixed)

    Nvidia graphics and Edge browser - there could be a graphics bug (that I can't fix)

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  • Interesting concept. Like the music.

    Lvl 1 was perfect for intro to game.

    Lvl 2 Feed Back:

    Maybe make the boxes bigger as it was quite tedious even though i knew how to finish the level.

    Maybe a bug? When i tried to drag the box to a new location, but "missed" the area it would reset back to the

    . very first box for me to drag out again. After a few boxes it was hard to remember where the first box was.

    Lvl 3 I never figured out. Wasnt sure if clicking was the only way to interact? Can use keys?

    Lvl 4 I stumbled across filling in part of the map, reset level to see how and havent redone what i Had accidentally did the first time lols. (ok i have half of map filled in and still not sure on how im doing it)

    These kind of games are not my strong suit, so take that into consideration. But maybe a witty title for the stage name could act as a hint for each level. Or add into the menu a list of keys/buttons that are usable. (might make it to easy)


  • Hi and THX for the feedfback

    lvl2 - I know that it is kind of long, but on the bright side - it isn't a bug. It should confuse you what is going on

    lvl3 - yes all levels are made for mouse / or touch (except for one level where you can also use keys to make it simpler)

    hint it is clicking

    lvl4 - is the first difficult one. Here you have to remember what you did to figure out how it works (if you found the system it's very simple)

    Edit other Hints: Level3 all depends where you click, Level4 the position of your clicks are not important

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