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  • Quests galore but Hands off the merchandise

    The game has entered a phase where it requires fluff, fluff that links things and makes sense, just like me right now.

    I am thus pouring softener out of my pores and it is overflowing just to be poured back in again. Such is the vicious circle of the wicked.

    Quests = Adventures

    Adventures, or that's how they are called in Black Bobby The Hole. It's not just a simple check list you must grind through. It's not a task bestowed upon you by the evil dark flaming taskmaster. No. It's an adventure.

    A grand adventure of highly risky proportions. So risky that your playing device might crash because it cannot handle the awesome.

    The Adventures need eventually a narrator. Someone to pass along heroic deeds for generations to come. And this is where I come in.

    I write them, I design them, I sweat and cry for them. And the man tears now bubble in the softener like tiny rain drops sent to flourish the dry wrinkly soil.

    A peek of Bobby's identity crisis can be seen here, as I reveal for you my dearest, the story behind an Adventure named "Hands off the merchandise".

    Hands off the merchandise

    Despite the lack of limbs, Bobby did find and embraced love, a long, long time ago.

    He hugged love so much that love became a part of him, infinitely stuck to the dark fuzzy matter within. Inhaled her as a breath of air after a perilous dive in the ocean. Ocean which was embraced by Bobby and now is gone too, by the way, just like love.

    After love was gone, Bobby became sad for he did not understand. Nevertheless he eventually found another love. But this love was different as she had no limbs either, just like Bobby. The poor little black jolly hole was so excited he finally found someone alike.

    When Bobby explained how they made the perfect couple, love got sad and broke up with him. Heartbroken, Bobby asked of the reason. Was it his symmetric face? His inability to pat her on the head?

    "Too many bad memories, Bobby. Too many..."

    On the edge of the galaxy she shared her misery before departing. Her limbs were lost, because of the things stolen. Righteous entities cut them off: "Thieves are not welcomed here, love!" they said.

    She stole love.

    If you like this style of writing and want to give me a hand or an elbow, go on Greenlight bless your soul and give me a vote. I'm not picky! I don't ask for a specific vote . You will be pleasantly surprised that I am consistent in my writing and in the making of the astronomical trailer.

  • Very funny!

    Isn't there a HAPPY END?

    There alywas should be a HAPPY END (at least in a game )

  • The game yeah has a happy ending I suppose:) glad you like it!

  • Voted!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks man :>

  • Is this coming out for Xbox One as well or? It mentions Xbox One in the settings

    Pretty entertaining stuff. How do you vote? Just clicking on YES if it were available on Steam?

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  • Haha the XBox One is just a joke I added it as the lowest graphical settings.

    Since it has controller support I could attempt to port it sooner or later, though it's not on my short term to do list, which is why I didn't mention it in the Greenlight.

    You can vote if you have a validated Steam account, either Yes, No, or Ask me later buttons.

    Validated Steam account means you must have had at least 1 purchase from Steam.

    Glad you thought it's entertaining ^_^

  • Haha the XBox One is just a joke

    Are you saying you reckon the Xbox One is a joke of a console? Joke

    I added it as the lowest graphical settings

    Hehe, this is pretty funny. Will the game be good or is getting us to vote for the game a part of a larger joke?

  • The game is no joke. The theme is silly but from all the Greenlight games that I studied, mine is in the top of the most legit projects - especially to combat people being unsure simply because the theme is silly.

    If you check the trailer you'll see how much effort was put into that alone. But hey, you can check out the devlogs on my website and see for yourself the grander scheme of things!

    Obviously votes are great, but let's face it, I won't pass Greenlight with a few fellow devs that check out these forums

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