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  • Recently, i'm creating a 2d plataform game. A game with retro style

    graphics, which brings adventures and puzzles inside the digital world.

    Collect bits and codes to move to the next level, shoot pixels, etc.

    Totally unique graphics, made in Adobe Photoshop CC.

    err... For now only have the first level.

    The game is in Portuguese because I am Brazilian, but English will be available too.

    I'm open to suggestions and ideas.

    I need help with ideas for:

    • A name for the game
    • Main Menu
    • Enemies (i'm thinking something like a virus, glitch, etc)
    • Items (i want a loooot of, weapons, upgrades, and misc. items).
    • A story for the game
    • Something to improve the graphics
    • I only do the game for PC?

    Gameplay of the Intro:

    A -> Right

    D -> Left

    Space -> jump (or you prefer "W"?)

    Mouse -> controls the arm/aim

    Mouse_L -> Shot

    Main Character:

    Disk (the codes, the keys to open doors, and other things):

    The Coins (is sorted in 0 or 1, will be used to buy upgrades and weapons on the shop):

    I will update this post as the game is being created. Thank you.

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  • LOL hilarious sounds!!

    For your game design, maybe you can tell us what you have in mind first, so that people can criticize it and show you the downside/upside of your ideas.

    I like the transition from black/white to white/black. Maybe your game can have two worlds and you need to transition between them to solve puzzles (games that do this: Giana Sisters, Legacy of Kain).

    If you focus on puzzles, then I would advise not to include a combat mechanic. Do it like Fez, this way you can focus more on the level and puzzle design.

    Good luck!

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