Billy Block [Platformer] (Feedback requested)

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  • Current version: alpha1.0.0

    Billy Block

    Download: ... sp=sharing

    This game is a run-'n'-leap platformer, where the player usually leapt over obstacles as opposed to jumping on platforms, and was inspired by classics as Lode Runner, and other run-'n'-leapers as Pitfall! and Keystone Kapers.

    To play, open the .capx file with Construct 2, and play it from any layout you'd like.

    Controls are:

    • 'Enter' key on title screen starts the game
    • 'D' key moves you right
    • 'A' key moves you left
    • 'W' key makes you jump
    • 'D' key makes you drop through a jumpthru platform
    • 'P' key pauses the game
    • 'R' key kills Billy, bringing him back to start and costing him a life (rarely used)
    • 'T' key returns player to title screen
    • 'M' key plays or stops music
    • You can also click the X in the top-right corner during a game to play or stop music.

    Thanks for any feedback; I appreciate that.

  • Pretty cool!

    -Love the aesthetic. Grew up with the commodore64

    -I immediately wished the Player character had the same art as the rest of the game. Perhaps a white outline box OR the character could be a sprite from that font. like a "0"

    -I didn't expect the movement to be so smooth. felt a little out of place. Seems like the default settings. I was kinda wanting to get at least a hint of the stiff C64 platforming controls. I think i'd prefer a little bit of that to be added.

    -Awesome death flashing animation

    -I'd suggest disable jumping on landing for 0.05 second after (tweak the exact number) - Because I had problems holding W and autojumping after landing. This is per the default C2 platformer controls but you can fix it

    -Enjoyed the level design!

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  • jbr190 Thanks for the feedback!

    • It's actually IBMPC style, which I feel is overlooked other than the Undertale Soul (Heart) sprite, but I'm pretty sure you already know that. -\_( )_/- Though I'm glad you like it!
    • I intended the player, Billy, to have that plain sprite - I should have mentioned his backstory in the OP [much] earlier; he's actually picked on by his "friends" for his plain looks, and I felt that gave him an "aesthetical underdog" status, as if he was drawn by the laziest graphic designer ever known to man.

    But if you still want, I can change it to something a little "fancier."

    • Whoa, I never thought about that, but I don't exactly understand what you mean; please be more specific.
    • The "death flashing animation" was actually to prevent the player from moving into an obstacle before they have time to react and lose another life in between, but to your complement, I know - "Perfectly executed right there" - Jorden Kent (NWC 2017)
    • It took me a moment to think about it, but you're actually right; I've noticed that myself, and I didn't think there was a fix for it; thanks. Edit: In fact, I've already fixed it myself and it works wonderfully; thanks again.
    • Thanks! It's a mix of traditional and creative level design, so you might even see some creativity thrown into its C64 similarity on some future levels.
    • (Extra): Although Billy Block gives you that friendly space-age neighborhood feel like the Jetsons, just like Balloon Fight, it's as vicious as all get-out in my mind.

    Overall, thanks for the phrase for Billy Block; I hope you can continue to support it, because I haven't worked on it in months, so hopefully I can get it done eventually. Oh, and by the way, you're one of my backers for this game. Rock on.

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