Bikosaur - 1.1.0 - Available on iOS, Android and web

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  • Hmm I played the game and like it so far! Good pixel art & music.

    The dino just need some decent cell animations, with some facial expressions on idle cycling and speeding up.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Fun characters, I like the cats chasing you after you pass them, perhaps let them 'surge' or run more quickly sometimes so when they are chasing they are a bit unpredictable. The double jump definitely needs to be nerfed, I started to lose any sense of a challenge, because I could always get out of any bad situation by using the double jump.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, Mikal!

    Once a kitty chase you, I can add some randomness either to his speed, or also the possibility he jumps. Good idea.

    Yes, that's right about the double jump. I don't know yet how I'll fix this.

    I guess I have two solutions:

    • Nerf it, as you said;
    • Or disable it at start, and add it as a power-up. Likeso, once you collected it you can benefit of a double jump for a few seconds;

    I also really like the endless side scrollers an procedurally generating the areas and levels. One thing I saw in Dungeon Highway that was really good was that had 'named' areas, even though the majority was procedurally generated. These named areas with a semi-fixed configuration made it seem like you made it to a land mark. So in this case, perhaps the cat kingdom or cat throne, where there are a ton of cats surrounding logs with a 'king' cat on it, just use existing assets to make it and make it a little more challenging. Add a few more later (e.g. The Sinkholes which is littered with holes for a short time.) It can add a nice sense of discovery amongst the endless levels.

    I just came back from ski holidays (1 long week off actuallly), and I got some ideas about your suggestion.

    I don't know yet if I'll release this feature for the 1st version of the game, but here is a list of 5 different environments I thought about:

    • Forest (as it is now);
    • Grassland;
    • Jungle;
    • Mountain;
    • Volcano;

    I also like the earlier comments about using % instead of fixed parameters - this way even you can be surprised by what odd situations might come up on the levels.

    Do you have any examples or tutorials about using %? I don't really know where to start with this, and I'm very interested in trying it out.

    Hmm I played the game and like it so far! Good pixel art & music.

    The dino just need some decent cell animations, with some facial expressions on idle cycling and speeding up.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Thank you too for your feedback, Allen.

    The dino animations are in my to-do list.

    Everything regarding animations take me a lot of time so I currently prefer to focus on development itself now. But those animations are in a good way.

    Bike wheels are turning (as you can see earlier in this topic), and I'm already digging into the acceleration animation of the Dino. Without saying that I already draw tons of sketches about.

  • Check out this link about procedurally generating levels for a platformer: ... dural_.php

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  • Thank you, Mikal.

    I'll give it a look this afternoon.

    EDIT: Very very interesting post. I got it! I should be feasible with some variables. In fact, I already have a good basis to do something like in his pseudocode example. I will focus on my 3 next main tasks (Hero animation, Login to Facebook, Leaderboard view) and then give it a try. Thank you very much for this! I subscribed to Gamasutra posts. Tons of good read there.

  • Hey, Constructors!

    I released version 0.8.0 this week-end.

    Play it here

    I didn't have a lot of free time to work on the game last month. I just came back from one week of holidays in France.

    Doing some snowboard were really inspiring, by the way. I got a few more ideas/improvements for the game.

    Here is what I changed:

    New features:

    • Thunder item implemented. Once collected, you got a speed acceleration for 10 seconds;
    • Thunder item only appears when score is > 1.200 points, and Hero’s life is >= to 5;

    Bug fixes:

    • While score is > 8.500, kitties weren’t appearing. They now do;

    Hero animation is on its way. I already have riding wheels, next step is Hero itself. I hope to give you some more infos about this for next release.

    Cheers! ??

  • Hey, Constructors!

    Long time since I updated this post...

    Sorry about that... I got an accident back in May, but hopefully this gave me the opportunity to focus on the game.

    Last Friday, I released 1st version of Bikosaur on web, iOS and Android.

    You can play/download it here:

    You can view top 100 leaderboard on game's homepage:

    Here is a quick video of the gameplay:

    I'm really looking for some feedbacks, and hope you enjoy it.

    Game is free, and without any ads. I plan to make some updates with (ofcourse) bugfixes, but also new features (like background changes, new enemies, new power-up items, some bike or dinosaur customizations, etc).

    Title screen:

    1st game tutorial screen:

    Unicorn Steak power-up screen:

    Game Over screen:

    I made a lot of changes, improvements and bug fixes since last update.

    If you're interested about it, you can check it on my personal gamelog Tumblr.

  • Any feedback? 😓

    I'm really open-minded to any feedback or suggestion, and also on your experience playing the game on iOS/Android.

    Take care. ❤️

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