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  • Currently C2 search feature hurts.

    I wish when I clear the search, it doesn't go back to the top. I want to stay on the event row I've selected.

    It really hurts when I need to debug my "code" I have to go up and down or using bookmark.

    And I wish I can go straight to certain event row number.

    Thank you

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  • I posted something about this topic not too long ago. It didn't seem to get much attention.

  • During a search, the found results are expanded when they are folded (closed) .

    Clearing the search puts the event sheet back in the previous state ... which I kind of like.

    Otherwise, after each search I would have to close all the opened bits again.

    I just have gotten used to looking at the event numbers and find my way there after a search.

    I would not mind having an option to jump to a certain event number, making it auto expand if closed.

  • +1

    Here is another couple of votes.

    It really makes me wonder how many people are actually building big games because once you get to a certain number of events it is very easy to see how much easier life would be with it.

    I could be wrong but I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to implement, it would basically be an adaption of bookmarking (selected folder is bookmarked and then once the search is cleared it heads to that bookmark).

    lennaert I agree with you that I wouldn't want the current "clear search" to disappear either, its handy if you want to get to the top. There should be 2 clear search buttons, one that goes to the top, one that goes to the selected folder or event (there is plenty of room in the editor for this )

    Lol, why are we in works in progress?

  • GenkiGenga

    Yeah, a clear search option and a 'Focus on event' option sorta thing. Opening all top level events involving the selected event, putting the rest back to its previous state with the event sheet scrolled to the selected event.

    That would help moving through large event sheets quickly while debugging.

    And work in progress, hehe, yeah ... no idea lol

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