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  • So after learning this program for the past 3 weeks, I had an attempt at creating my first game - or, I am in the process of creating my first game. After developing 2 levels, I wish to post my game link in this topic hoping that some people can just play around the game, give their first impressions, what's good, what's bad, what could change, any bugs that are obvious or people who have witnessed some annoying bugs already within the first 2 levels. For anyone who does this, thank you! I will post the link below along with some tips for the games controls (because I haven't developed a pause menu with a controls display)

    A and D or left and right will move the player

    space or up will allow the player to jump (double jump enabled)

    P will reset your highscore on the level (after restarting the layout ((cannot find a way to instantly delete the highscore within the layout your playing on before reloading)) )

    R will reset the layout

    M will take you to the level selection screen

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  • Additionally, if you do complete either level, feel free to post your highscore for either level (this can actually help me with the development !)

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