Baxter's Venture: Director's Cut

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  • I'm planning on redoing the trailer for this game, but for right now I have a level showcase. Just follow the link under the image to see the progress on the changes and how the game is played.

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    I used to use Frapps, but lately I can't record footage anymore so I had to use Bandicam. Now, I've just purchased the full version of Bandicam but have to wait for paypal to clear before they send me an email for the full version. I don't want to do a trailer with the watermark, still waiting on taxes before I opt for a capture card so I can get some good video editing software to boot.

    There have been tons of improvements since the original Baxter's Venture on Desura a couple years ago:

    -3 save slots as opposed to save/load states

    -Act 1 graphics toned down dramatically

    -Added slight animations and effects

    -Overworld redone

    -Updated graphics/effects/animations.

    -Intro and new ending sequences.

    Best way to describe this game is Super Meat Boy meets Kirby's Dreamland with a dash of Portal 2. It mixes action and puzzles and you have infinite lives to help keep you in the game until you're ready to quit. Great entry level for those who want to get into gaming to hardcore and competitionists looking for a notch on their belts.

    Eventually I want to get around to adding steam achievements since it'll add another incentive to play.

    I'll be updating this thread as more develops, please leave any feedback. Also, this game is on greenlight waiting for more votes: ... =274636766

  • Updated intro trailer and gameplay:

    I'm doing my best to combine the pick up and play mechanics of Kirby's DreamLand with the "unlimited lives" aspect of Super Meat Boy, where you keep playing until you want to stop. There are puzzle elements added once you finish Act 1, like block puzzles, using the enemies to open paths, finding switches, etc.

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  • Super Meat Boy with added elements. It looks really professional.

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