Back To The 80's - Ladybug

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  • This is my second project in the series "Back To The 80's"

    So after my first completed project Back To The 80's - Galaga ... 14744?cp=3

    my second one had to be Back To The 80's - Ladybug.

    I'm up to 65 events on this one and I still only need to put in a death sequence, scoring and bonuses. I'm gonna try to keep this one under 100 events.

    HTML file can be found here. Like to know what you guys think of it and if it runs alright on a fast processor. My goal is to try to finish this project with 2 weeks <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Cool pac-man variant. I especially like the trapdoors. Hard to give any feedback without having played the original game, but it would be interesting to make some variants of it, but I guess you want it to be as close as possible to the original?

    The screen is not centered on the x-axis, and I think the continue markers can be put on the sides and remove the black boarder on top and bottom to maximize screen space in full screen.

    The AI also looks a little aimless, in pac-man some of the ghosts hunt you, theres no power up here but instead you can hide quickly by the trap doors.

    Interesting to see a remakes of old arcade games. Theres a lot of games, like pre nes, that I have no clue of, so its nice to see some other sources of inspiration

  • Update

    • Collecting bonus letters and blue hearts hightlight the corresponding letter
    • Enemy collision with skull puts enemy back on the home position
    • Ladybug collision with skull shows death animation sequence and creates a new ladybug

    Project uses rex_moveto plugin

    Things still to do:

    • Better enemy AI, bonus vergetables, diplay score on hud, music and sfx, intro and ending layout

    Hope to get half of this done tomorrow.

  • ... ybug-15770

    It's still a WIP. Enemy AI like in Pac-Man, finished scoring system.

  • Version has been updated to V2.0

    • Finished Instruction Screen and Start Screen
    • As you progress, bugs and timer go faster

    Game is 97% finished

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  • Version has been updated to V3.0

    • Finished soundfx
    • Adde high score

    For all of you who PM me. I'll try to answer all your questions about this game.

    Still a few more things to get done

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