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  • This is one I thought would be really difficult to clone. So far only 21 events <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I was testing it on mobile through LAN. Sorry for the sound.

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  • I have been working 3 days straight on the sprites and color coding. I will be trying to keep it under 150 events (Groups included). I still have to add the spider, scorpion, and a bit more coding for the centipede. ... pede-27462

    This is still a WIP so you will only get on go at it.

  • In version 2.0

    -finished color coding all the sprites

    -added the scorpion to change mushrooms in to poison ones

    -a bit of improvement on the centipede movement

    Still things to do

    -game play difficulty (WIP)

    -spider movement (WIP)

    -clean up

  • Just added the code to drop the centipede segments when in contact with poisonous mushroom.

  • Nice and rocksolid!

    good work - i like it!

  • Nice and rocksolid!

    good work - i like it!

    Thank you mercuryus! Still a few tweaks to make, need to add in the spider and difficulty every new centipede. I hope to finish this all by tonight

  • Wow. Impressive work!

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  • Wow. Impressive work!

    Thank you gameglaux. 3 weeks working it all out on paper and Photoshop. Adding the finishing touches. I do like these kind of games, but what I like the most is figuring out how it was all done!


    -improvement centipede movement (pinned segments)

    -advancing next level centipede shorter by a segment and an extra centipede head


    -spider movement

    -increase centipedes movement when at the bottom of the player area

  • Is there any way you can [1] share the capx to the centipede game or [2] the capx portion of the centipede movement or [3] post a tutorial on how you created the centipede movements? i would love to know the most straight forward/efficient way of making them move, change directions, and once hit break into different formations.

    please advise, thank you kindly.

  • Hey hyem, so sorry that I just read your post. Sure, I will make a small tut on the movement, collision and direction. I´ll post Saturday West European time. Around lunch time : ) 1 pm.

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