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  • I made a simple little game to teach myself about turrets. It was easier when I practiced it on the bigger screen. For some reason, there's a lot of empty, black space around the version I got uploaded here - which makes it harder.

    Here's the game link:


    Is the game too hard?

    Also, why doesn't it fill the screen like I thought it would? I used 1280 x 720 landscape.

  • you need use one of the scale options to get to fill the screen.

    it is a nice idea for a game, however the control makes it difficult.

    you need to enhance the default control to allow swifter change of direction.

  • NetOne

    Thanks for the feedback. Apparently, I tried all the wrong scaling options. My newer game used "scale outer" which made it full screen; so I think I need to do that.

    That's great feedback about the swifter changes of direction. I guess I can increase the player acceleration rate. I might also need to increase the deceleration rate to accommodate for the increased acceleration. Any other tips on how to accomplish that?

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  • Yes! I changed the player acceleration and deceleration speed both to 1,000 pixels per second (which basically doubled them both). I think it's much better now.

    I also tried to change the scale, but every scaling option I use, ended up in the game not even appearing, so I'm stuck with letterbox integer scale. (I fear toying with that even further because I've already done a total of 10 different uplaods with this, supposedly, simple game.) Also, I think this issue pertains more to the options I chose upon first implementing creation (so, it'd be a big overhaul).

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