Audio analyzers for Youtubers/Video Editors

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  • im working on the next version lets say 1.1 wold be pretty useful for people who want to do spectrum effects for YouTube music videos or other stuff and dont have the knowledge, money, time etc for more complex software licenses.

    basic controls for adjustments so it can enable any shape you want .. speed ratio etc... loading music from HDD or url in ogg format or wav ( not sure i have to see what type of formats the audio supports for c2 if are imported from outside )

    angle movements etc background loading sprite rain effects and more

    and wold be awesome if i can figure it out how to record the canvas.. so you record a small avi or flv video of the song and then just export or upload directly to your server or even youtube/facebook profile

    Whats your thoughts about this "little" project? useful not useful? what features you wold like? if wold be possible?

    First version can be foundHere

    If you cant run the web version you can always preview it on youtube

    !!!version 1 is pretty heavy since was meant to be just a test and show people what you can do with the audio.analyser effect that C2 has built in.

    Curent Requirements to run the first version

    Minimum requirements : dual core 3.2Ghz 4 gb RAM 1gb GPU card with webgl Support

    Recommended : quad core i7 8gb RAM 2gb GPU card with webgl support

    New version will be more optimized.(meaning less objects and smaller requirements.)

    Drawable objects and updates/s ~870


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