ArcTap [Android] Graphics update!

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  • Demo available

    copy and paste this in ur browser

    Hey guys!

    Im new memeber here, but i already have something to share. I have been working about 3 months on this and finally can show something interesting. Before i continue I want to note that my main objectives are: 1)fun game 2) simple controls

    ArcTap is a free android game, with simple but fun mechanics. You are going to be playing as a circle/circle shaped object. It moves only in arc trajectories. Circle always moves and turns to the left/ or to the right. By touching the screen you change the direction of rotation. Which allows you to move where you want. This mechanic makes game quite fun and unique.ArcTap has many different levels, and different trials/obstacles on them ( including drift mode).

    As i mentioned before this game will be free, it will not have any type of ads. Whole game for free. But it will have a store with player models, which are optional to acquire. Also there will be some free models for everyone!

    Gameplay gif:

    Please share your thoughts/impressions.

    Demo available

    copy and paste this in ur browser

    Work still in progress. Full Free version coming soon.

    If you are really interested follow me on twitter ArclightApps

  • intriguing. there gonna be ay monsters or something?

  • : Hey. sorry i was a little busy. But playable demo is now avaialble for everyone. You can check it out for free!

    Here is a googleplay link ( copy and paste in ur browser)

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  • Hey guys! Just updated graphics.

    Before and After:

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