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  • Hi there!

    From summer to summer I'm working on this arcade game and finally I've got something to show you!

    All suggestions are welcome

    Hope you like it!

    Here is a little trailer/teaser/advance/whatever



  • Looks pretty great

    Expecting the fail-fast-and-get-right-back-into-it type of action as in super meat boy from this.

    Kind of a shame that you avoid characters (and narrative, I presume?) completely, but the minimalism makes for good stylish visuals.

    Looks like you won't be handing out a demo for this one, I guess?

  • Glad you like it!

    Maybe i'm releasing a demo, first 40 levels are already done.

    About narrative... that's tricky... My idea was to add some philosophical story and make every map count for a final thought. Every map would have a sentence that makes you think about a particular topic and then relate the map to that (greed, humanity, space, violence, etc) but this got me stuck in development because it was so hard to tell those tricky stuff with level design. In any way, I did it thinking about that, so now it's easy to add some of these things. I have spent several days just writing some pages of that stuff when I decided to move forward and just let it go, maybe some day I decide to search for a good writer who fulfill this requirements or do it by myself, most of it is already written

  • Wouw, simple but If the difficulty is not directly hard I think it will be one of addictive game. Did you think about scoring or star to fully complete level.

    The design look pretty good to.

    If you post a Demo I will test it !

  • Thanks for your comment

    Difficulty raises up as the game advances.

    Hopefully a demo will come out past september

    Game features:

    -6-8 worlds with 21 levels each (first 2 worlds are already done)

    -1 final boss at the end of each world

    -extras you have to hardly pick in some levels to unlock special levels or secrets

    -philosophical story and narrative related with level design

    -15+ different obstacles and traps

    -achievements and hopefully leaderboards

    -others as beating level within a time or maybe different characters with their own skills and powers

    Any suggestion is more than welcome!

  • Really nice aesthetics, if it isn't overly difficult I think it's gonna be a great game

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  • Hi there!

    I'm still working on it. I think I will release a playable demo next month, meanwhile here is a little (still not definitive) cinematic introducing the story:

    "Who are you?"

    What do you think about it?

  • Nice style and you seem like a pro in this game (related to the video)

  • Finally and as promised I released the ARKADE (yes, name has changed) demo, full post here

    Hope you like it!

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