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  • I've started a wave based survival game. It's a top down zombie shooter with turret defense mechanics.

    I plan to add lots more to the game soon and I would love for people to test it out.

    Comment how you feel about it. Any input ideas are appreciated. What should be changed, and what ideas do you have?


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  • Large update today. Now at v1.6

    Changed zombie movement to avoid orbiting. Essentially zombies walk directly as you instead of accelerating to your location. This fixes the game breaking strategy of orbiting zombies around so they can't hit you.

    Lowered the initial wall count on the original level to encourage independent base building.

    Lowered the firing rate to encourage building walls instead of run&gun

    Added an automatic Wave countdown to balance that I also added slow HP Regen for the player.

    Walls are much more durable, again, to encourage using them.

    Known issues:

    Sometimes zombies can glitch through corners of a wall. I think this is because the zombies behind them are pushing them into a solid and teleport through it, and I'm working towards fixing this.

    Zombie hordes result in zombie movement glitches. Like the wall glitch, I think this is because zombies are being pushed into each other. To help somewhat I've caused this to slow the zombie, benefiting the player and also preventing large hordes from forming.

    If you press F at exactly 1 second on the countdown timer, I think a double round can start. I'll be fixing this shortly.

  • Another update today, now at v1.8

    Added the ability to upgrade walls. For 100$ (the price of a normal wall), you can add extra HP to a wall.

    Level 1 = 75HP

    Level 2 = +100HP

    Level 3 = +125HP

    Level 4 = +150HP

    Level 5 = +175HP

    Level 6 = +200HP

    (upgrading a wall doesn't reset the initial HP, it simply adds bonus HP at a cheaper rate)

    I also added a hurt animation for when zombies are shot.

    To accompany the wall upgrade update, I also made it so you can view a wall's HP simply by hovering the mouse over it.

    And I increased the starting $ to 800$, which is subject to change of course.

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