Animation app made with C2 (WIP)

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  • Hey guys, this is what I've been working on for a month or so in my spare time. This will (hopefully) become a little Windows app for simple 2D keyframe animation.

    For C2 veterans this would probably take a couple of days to code, but for me it's quite hard!

    It's in a very early stage but I thought I'd share it. You can move things around and record keyframes. There's no undo, no bones, no multi-selection, no save/load and it's certainly buggy

    How to use:

    Click File->Import sprites and point to a folder with PNG images. NOTE: It doesn't check for correct file type, so make sure there are only PNGs in the folder and nothing else.

    Setup the first pose in frame zero and adjust pivot points.

    Move to another frame, setup another pose, click create key, etc.

    You can adjust z-order but it's not "animate-able".

    Mouse wheel to zoom in/out, middle mouse to pan.

    Move and scale manipulators: Drag from center-->both axes. Drag red or green part-->constrain to a single axis.

    Hoping to fix bugs and add more features soon.

  • This is a pretty cool program. I use Flash for animation and art in my game, and this reminds me somewhat of it.

    Decent UI, simple controls, and pretty fast.

    Good work! Keep going on it. Never seen C2 used like this before.

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  • TechnoBeaver thanks man! I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. I plan to add a feature where you could assign parent/child relationships to objects. That would make easier to animate I believe.

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