Animal Blocks [Puzzle Game Beta]

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Hi C2 Communitie

    I have been developing a game with Construct 2 and I would be glad to hear any feedback:

    If you want to try the Beta version, you can install it here (NO MORE NEED TO JOIN TO A BETA COMMUNITIE).


    Current ideas that WILL be added to the game:

      6,000 unique levels (right now, every game mode have only 10 levels) Earn free "hints" by watching a video New music (perhaps different music for different game modes)

    Current ideas that COULD be added to the game:

      A "marker" that makes easier to pick up the blocks An option to skip levels Change blocks to "normal size" when you are dragging them, change them to "small size" when you are not dragging them More language support New font

    Ideas that ALREADY have been added to the game:


      An animation when you complete a level A text that indicates how many levels you have completed (something like 1/500, 72/500, 500/500) Show how many "hints" you earned after complete a level


      A new graphic style (Minimal) A white shadow around pieces when you are dragging them Now when you open any game mode, it takes you to the current page of the last level that you have completed in that difficulty


      A new game mode (Infinite) Now when you return to the difficulty layout, it takes you to the last difficulty that you have selected

    Any bug, comment, suggestion, etc. would be appreciated.


  • Any bug, comment, suggestion?


  • Lots like a cute puzzle game, I'll try it out when I have some free time and give you some feedback.

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  • Thank you!

    I just want to be sure about the game mechanics are very polished before start to create all the levels

  • my friend

    I saw and download your game and find addictively great.

    It is very well managed . Load dynamic and super good, I was surprised the fluidity with which the squares are set aside and turn when you manage to assemble the figure.

    I congratulate you , I hope someday do something cute .

  • Alrighty, I just wasted a few hours of my own game-dev time to play it, because it was so fun! I only wanted to test it out quickly to give you some feedback but I kept on playing. :p

    Feedback (on an 8 inch LG G-Pad tablet):

    * There's a grammar issue in your "how to play guide". This => These. "These tiles..."

    * The major gripe, the blocks don't actually follow my fingers when I touch to move them, I'm not sure if its intentional by design, but they float about 200 pixels above my touch position and its awkward.

    Besides that, I think its EXCELLENT as a puzzle game, lots of fun to be had. Very smooth and responsive, no issues, your banner Ad (Game of War!!) works fine. I think you're on to a potential winner, I'll give you a 5 star rating on Google. The challenge will be to get people to play it, on Android, its tough to break-through without a proper "new games" list. But if you release it on Apple, I think you have a good chance, due to Apple actually listing games based on its release date.

    My nearly 4yr old daughter is enjoying the heck out of it now since I showed it to her.

  • isasaurio Thank you for your feedback and time my friend

    First of all, thanks for taking a few hours of your time

    Sometimes I like to watch other projects just to return to my game with a "fresh" mind

    1. I just fixed the grammar issues

    2. I think it's a very good idea to move the pieces a few pixels above your fingers in "Drag and Drop" games, so you can clearly see where the piece is going to fall, otherwise your finger will be on the way (specially on small screen devices)

    What do you mean by "new games" and by "Apple listing games based on it's release date"?

    Again, thanks for your time!

  • On Google, the "new list" isn't actually newly released games, its only the popular newly released games.

    On Apple, the new category/list, actually lists games based on their release date, with newer games on top of the chart.

    Thus, small time developers have a chance to attract a lot of attention without spending big on marketing.

  • Sometimes the touch control doesn't react properly. I have to touch the block 2-3 times before it registers my input. Other than that, it's a nice puzzle game. I like what you do and see your games are getting better and more fun. Keep up!

  • Hmm, that's interesting.

    Well, I'm have planning to add a kind of "marker", so you can have a bigger area to touch the pieces, but it's not easy since each piece has it's own values. Anyway, I believe it will be very helpful. I already have "markers" for touch like in the "Tetrahexes" game, where you can touch a bigger area than the piece itself. Thanks Noga!

  • Hi I just tried to download your game on google play after accepting to become a tester but I got an error message from google pay "cannot find title".

    Any clues?

  • First you have to open this link:

    Then click "Become a beta tester" (the page will reload)

    Finally, click the "Download Animal Blocks on Google Play" text.

    Let me know if that works twistcap

  • It works now. Weird but I can start testing I will be giving you feedback soon!

  • Your game is really addictive. I like it. Game play is clear and easy to use. The only part I struggle a bit was with the first menu where the screen seem a bit blank and I did not know where to click. Also maybe text for the menu icon? I tried all of them to figure out what they were for and got the hang of it afterwards. Really nice work with the Google Play feature and all the achievements.

    I open the shop, only thing that would be cool is the display to price to unlock the game.

    Really good work there!

  • twistcap Thank you! I will see what I can improve. Thanks!

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