[Android] - Cookie Quest - Review please!

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It's a very interesting and hard quest. It so hard that there is not way to win!
  • Hello everyone, this is my first post . I published my first Construct 2 game and published it onto the Android Play Store a couple of days ago, and I would be very grateful if you could take a look at it: : Sorry! I can't post urls yet, it is the only result when searching "indie.kiwi" on the play store)

    The game is far from being complete. Its a platformer where cookie ingredients spawn around the world, you collect them and use them to bake cookies. Tapping on the cookie on the bottom left enables spawning the cookies which generates points and money when walking to a npc to "sell".

    My background is in programming and I have a hobby in design. I'm interested mainly on your opinions of 1. Game concept, 2. Design

    Thanks for your time!

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