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  • If you have time, feel free to try "I Am The Manager".


    You are the manager of the team of your choosing. You mainly sit and watch how your team plays, but you can influence the match in a few ways.


    mouse only.


  • fun little game with potential.. I like the stamina for each player before the game.. although all my guys were very tired before we even started!

    you got some major bugs in the gameplay though....

    why is the manual--draw a path to the ball so slow?? it's not even functional it's so slow. The computer player was way too good for my guys.. they couldn't even get the ball out of our zone..

    after the lightning, everyone on the field flipped out a bit and started to rotate.. after a while I couldn't draw paths anymore.. but then it came back..

    I would concentrate on the gameplay, don't worry about powerups and all that.. just get the game playing good.. so you can kick the ball, and have it be responsive.. right now, it's totally not responsive at all.. and I didn't like the option to just do nothing, because why play then?

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  • Thanks for your lengthy post with feedback!

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