Alien Destroyer - Sidescroller with RPG elements

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  • Hello everybody,

    I'm working on my first game and I want to get some feedback from the community.

    The game requires a keyboard at the time.

    Move and jump with the arrows.

    Hold down Shift to run.

    Attack with the spacebar.

    You have 4 weapons available and you can change them with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    1 = sword

    2 = fire gun

    3 = ray gun

    4 = umbrella

    Here is the link

    Any feedback and ideas are appreciated.


  • Some notes on weapons and the general mechanics.

    • The sword makes the most damage and it breaks some blocks. It also breaks grass.
    • The fire gun is good to shoot down on enemies. For example, to shoot enemies below you from a fall through.
    • The ray gun is a powerful and fast weapon. Its bullets bounce of solids. It's a good choice when attacking enemies above you by bouncing the bullets on rocks. However, they ray gun breaks some blocks so you have to be careful because you might release enemies, or break blocks that are necessary to reach certain areas.
    • The umbrella makes the most damage to flying enemies but is weak against most walking enemies. When equipped, it slows down your fall. You will need the umbrella to reach certain areas. It's also useful to jump over a line of incoming enemies.

    The idea of the game is to design levels that require the player to switch between weapons. Making it an action/rpg sidescroller with puzzle elements.

  • I think you've got a great start!

  • It's great! Just make those rocks looking less like background and more like foreground.

  • I like it as well really good start.

    Menu and Instruction/Tutorial would be my next steps:)

  • Thanks for the replies.

    megatronx you're right. The rocks look washed out. I'll work on that.

    Beaverlicious that's a good idea. Will do!

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  • I'm impress by the smoothness of the game, It doesn't feel like it's a HTML5 game, maybe it's just me. Looks promising.

  • Thanks Jeeba.

    This is my progress report. If you already played this you might need to clear your cache to see the new version.

    • Added main screen (tutorial option coming soon).
    • Added Game Over text on player die
    • Coins are now randomly generated on enemy destroy, based on enemy variables (min-max coins to drop, min-max coin value).
    • Improved coin physics (exploding coins)
    • Slower rate of fire bullets with random mini intervals
    • Coins now dissapear after 30 seconds
    • Same coin logic applied to soft breakables like grass, and hard breakables like wooden box.
    • Improved the behavior of player being hit
    • Fixed a bug when falling into an enemy with the umbrella that made the player float up

    // More progress

    • Hold shift key to run
    • Enemies and breakables now drop gems
    • Added individual coin and gem counts to the HUD layer (copper, silver, gold, topaz, emerald, ruby and diamond).
  • This is the game's new home ->

    Any feedback about the game mechanics is greatly appreciated. I want to polish the movements and the attacks before designing the levels.

    Also check out the new spring block. I plan on combining that block with the umbrella to create some interesting air battles.

    Have a greay day.

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