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Gravity Square is a game where I aim to reach the square at the polka dot door :)
  • here's a small game I'm developing in my spare time...

    check out the video

    and play the game (link in description)

    Thanks a lot to Scirra, to Ashley and to the community for helping me so much!

    everything selfmade

    play on

    not a n00b game!


    LeftMouseButtton: Thrust (ship willl turn towards Cursor)

    RightMouseButton: Fire Lazors

    RMB While Thrusting: Throw Bomb

    MouseWheelUp: Toggle AutoGyro

    MouseWheelDown: Gyro

    F1, F2, F3 Switch Ship

    Collect Crystals, everything costs crystals

    Ammo, Health, Thrust

    Soundtrack is nothing final


  • Looking pretty cool, love the atmosphere you created there.

  • Looks fantastic! Really a lot of detail in the ships. Also I liked the handling.

    I was just dropping a lot of bombs by accident.

  • Nice visuals and ambience (A+), horrible gameplay mechanics. I gave up in frustration. Either I am bad at games or its too difficult??

  • Looks and sounds fantastic.

  • : as you see it plays just great in the video. The controls are not so easy to learn. It's just like flying Quadcopter, minus two axis, cause it's one dimension less.

    And yes, the testlevel is (by purpose) rather difficult. In the final game first few levels will be much easier and with less gravity for slower flying.

    Try hitting Spacebar to activate the gyro. then you can just click on the dot above the ship and move it gently to the direction you want.

    you can also alter gravity by pressing + and - on the numpad.

  • and thanks a lot to all of you. glad you like the style... i fully understand if someone doesn't like the gameplay... sorta special interest^^

  • It's the gyro! I didn't use it and it was impossible. Now its fine, crazy hard but fine.

  • Oh wow, looks like it is inspired by lander, but more sophisticated. How long time did it take to get to this game?

  • it's around a year now, but I didn't have too much time... during the summer I didn't really work on it. And even if I have the time it's not more than one or two hours a day and 6 hours per week max

  • All: sorry for german posting (it's easier for me to give response to the creator).

    Andy: Wirklich geiles Spiel! Die Grafik ist der absolute Hammer! Auch wurde es ordentlich "programmiert". Aber die Steuerung ist echt sehr sehr ... gewöhnungsbedürftig *hehe* Aber im Großen und Ganzen sieht man, was man tolles mit C2 auf die Beine stellen kannb, und dass "Indie" nicht immer Retro-Grafik besitzen muss, sondern auch mal "realistischer" daherkommen kann!

  • Very cool game! The images and game play provide a superb depth & 3D feel to the project.

    Can't wait to play the finished game

  • Cherico: diese Billiggrafik bei Indiegames nervt mich sogar ziemlich^^ Ist eben einfacher, aber meiner meinung nach absolut nichtmehr zeitgemäß

    Blacksmith: thanks a lot I'm trying my best to get it done, but don't expect a final relase earlier than in one year.

    I'm very excited about the multiplayer feature coming to C2 and will try to implement some kind of Coop gameplay, hope this won't mean too much changes in my "programming".

    And yeah... regarding controls... well... it's not a mainstream title^^ And I don't see a possibility to make it way easier without sacrificing the fine controls you get with the present setup. I also wanted to make a game completely controllable with just one hand on the mouse... cat owners will appreciate this^^

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  • Andy: Ja und nein... Sie "kann" billig wirken und auch sein, jedoch gibt es auch einige Leute, die wahnsinnig klasse Pixel-Grafiken animieren und zum Leben erwecken können! Leider können das nicht viele (und ich gebe zu, ich kann's auch nicht *gg* aber ich verwende auch keine solchen)

  • Hello Andy. It's a sin not to work on this. Do this. Finish this. It begs to get completed. It reminds me of "the swarm" the way you throw your grenades and fly the ship around, only with added gravity. Do this. Work on this. Find a way.

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