How add a shop in game?

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  • Hi to all

    i wanna know if its possible add a shop in a game, taking coins in the game and use in a shop for buy power ups or something like that...

    if any know a tutorial

    please help me and thanks

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  • I did what your asking for in my game.

    Create a global variable for the players wallet/inventory/totalMoney etc..

    Create an event that add's 1 to the variable everytime a player collects a coin.

    Create a variable for each power-up have it set to "0" if the player has not purchased the powerup.

    Create a check that looks to see if the player has enough coins, and hasnt already purchased the power up.

    If player has coins to purchase, set upgradeONE.instanceVariable(purchased) = 1

    Have your power ups coded in so that once the player has purchased the upgrade, the upgrade applies to them.

    Create a game asset for your power up(art) and a store art asset (a pop-up window sprite etc..).

    When player wants to purchase a upgrade from your shop. Provide them away to open the store (a button to click on..)

    Here is a link to a "How Do I" section, very useful

  • Thanks !!

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