Action Platformer with a twist- REVENGE!

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  • Hey everyone, this is probably the third time I've attempted to take my idea for this game and make it reality, but it's the first time I buckled and used an actual game engine. In the past I kept trying to do it in strict C/C++ because of my ego as a programmer haha. This time I'm diving into Construct 2 and loving what I see so far.

    The general premise of the game is this. Think of Megaman (pre X series)... you play as a tough blue bomber with a basic weapon than can be upgraded a bit. Despite these upgrades, gameplay doesn't change much no matter which powers you get. Then you play against some of these bosses who have amazing abilities and you get to absorb 1% of the awesomeness into yourself. Wouldn't it be cool to play as one of those bosses? To be a true monster facing off against other monsters?

    Enter Revenge: an action platformer that gives you plenty of options as to how to play by giving you control of boss-power characters. That's the goal anyways

    I'll admit I haven't gotten far, but I wanted to upload a work in progress. There's not much to see, yet, but I'll keep you guys updated. I have no artistic abilities so the alhpa build will just be using random sprites I find online and stick figures as placeholders in the meantime. Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.

    So, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite characters so far, Portal Man! He's largely based off the game, Portal. I've spent the initial time just working on portal mechanics, but he's going to have some really fun abilities later on. (I think I could actually post the portal mechanics on the "How Do I" Page as I believe they're a rather nice and significant improvement over the current portal stuff ^_^ But perhaps my ego is getting the best of me again.)


    Portal Man is an odd character, his abilities make him highly suited for exploration... making him ideal for finding secret stuff hidden in levels. While he is the weakest character in the game, his powers will allow a skilled player to fight exceptionally well regardless. As such, he offers a high risk high reward scenario because he can find all the secret stuff in a level, but he will also have the hardest time fighting bosses. I don't want to reveal all his abilities yet, but I have implemented his portal gun and I'd love to show that off.

    For feedback, I'd particularly love to hear your thoughts on how I can reduce the number of events in my event sheet without changing behavior. I have to repeat a lot of events and I don't like that at all.

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  • Just a quick update I fixed up Portal Man's behavior and he works much better now, particularly in that he won't get caught inside of blocks when the portal is attached to the bottom of one. I also spent a lot of time streamlining the code and reducing repeated events. Updates are attached to the original post.

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