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  • Hey everyone. I am working on this 8bit rpg/platformer game.

    The art work is basic, basically just created as a place holder. I'm also struggling to get fully functional collisions when fighting though.

    The keys are left,right,up, and z to attack.

    On start, go to the civ and get a quest. Then complete quest.

    It's a very basic version of what i intend it to be but feedback would be awesome!

    Here is the project file

    Anything in that project file can be taken and used if you find a need for it

  • Start page is the layout you wanna start from....

  • Looks like you've put a good amount of work into this and it has a lot of promise. Keep going!

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  • I couldn't stop laughing at the guy waving.

    Anyway, you should create a family for the enemies with an instance variable for HP. Then add the archer and swordsman sprites to the family so that you only need to use one event for checking if an enemy is being attacked or has lost all their health. This will make your life a whole lot easier as you begin adding more enemies.

    Also, try and make use of functions, a game like this will benefit massively from it. It also helps organise your "code" a bit.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone!

    vybr, I didn't know you could do that :/ ! It does help a lot!! Thanks man!

  • Oh, and if anyone has any ideas of improving the collision when fighting, that would be great. It's definitely the biggest issue so far

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