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  • Hi,

    i finished the basic system of 7castles - a simple RTS (*SPORTS: single player online realtime strategy).

    Maybe you've fun give it a try.

    The rules are simple: take all enemy buildings

    The gameplay in a few words:

    (please read carefully or you will loose (the game)! )

    You (blue) have a castle with some knights at start.

    On the other side there are some enemies (other colors) also with castle, knights and maybe a gold mine.

    Your challenge is to kill all enemies, take over their castles and mines (so far).

    You send a number of knights to an enemy castle attack it and - hopefully - take the castle.

    Many knights will die and you need more knights!

    Every day at 12:oo o'clock you will get 10 new knights per castle and another 10% of knights on top.

    But you can (have to) buy more knights with gold and you can get gold in the mines.


    Tap/click the buttons and buildings.

    Scroll the screen by click and hold the playground.

    Zoom with the buttons and/or the mouse wheel.


    Tap or use the mouse to select one of your buildings with knights in it and set the ammount of knights (+/-) you want to send to a destination (empty or enemy castle/mine).

    Then tap/click the destination building you want to send them.

    That's all.

    Mines (to dig for gold):

    Occupy as many mines as possible and as soon as possible - once the knights inhabit a mine they start to dig for gold.

    Each mine has a preset number of possible miners - the more miner the more gold. To transport the gold from the mines to your castles you must have minimum additional 2 knights - (a least) one for defense the other to carry (a bit slower) the gold to the castle.

    To transport gold just select the mine by tap/click, select a number of knights, activate the gold-button and send the knights to your castle. That's all again and hopefully your transporter reaches his destination .

    Buy new knights in your castles!

    If you have brought the gold to your castle you find a new button in the castle-menu (tap/click the castle) - the knight-shop!

    There you can buy knights.

    More options!

    On the playground you can see the values (#knights/#miners/#gold) of your building - but only for your buildings.

    If you want to know the values of your enemies send them a (fast) spy - tap/ckick the spy-button and send him/them? to an enemy castle.

    If he arrive you will see (for 2-3 days) the values of this building - very usefull!

    Did i forget something? - maybe - if you have questions, proposal or ideas post them...

    and here you can start your fight...


    ... oh yes - better start with difficult level 1

  • I add 2 tutorial level to give an easy startup (and some minor changes [day/night, fog, scrolling, hud, ...]

  • New knight sprites (iso) and there are chests to explore at midnight (for a few seconds to tap)

  • I like it, but you could do with a restart button for when you make a mistake on a level

  • I like it, but you could do with a restart button for when you make a mistake on a level


    Yes you're right added a reload-button

    Hope you don't need to use it to much

  • current uploaded version don't start (duno why).

    I upload a new one tonight...

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  • The new version (v0.384) now is online.

    And there's a new feature: sublevels (like caves, big houses inside, ...) - sublevels act like other buildings. You can send and remove knights but you can send knights in the sublevel for new adventures... (and you can remove ALL knights from this kind of buildings.

    You can check this in the 3rd (big) testlevel.

    I fixed also some bugs

    • now the last knight in a castle can buy new nights
    • empty buildings have now no owner
    • the arrangement of the buttens is optimized
    • knights speed is now a bit faster

    Please make shure to clear the cache to run the most current version (e.g. if you don't see the knights, ...)

    here's the link again: http://www.gameus.de/7castles

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