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    So, quick intro.

    I'm currently working on a decently large Puzzle RPG in construct. Have been for months. And my brain is officially getting fried, and I felt I was continually coming up with the same wrong solutions to the same problems.

    I thought I'd try something new. I set myself a challenge of 48Hrs to make a fully functional game.

    Wen't with an Android Puzzle Game, which I have called Swiper.

    The main mechanic is you have to swipe multiple blocks into a single finishing block.

    I am currently about 22 hours in, and have most of the mechanics and graphics done.

    Still to do:

    • - Polish block graphics
    • - Attempt limit
    • - Retry limit
    • - Regain retrys and attempts over time
    • - more levels
    • - new mechanics? maybe?

    Heres some photos:

    All music and sound and graphics are royalty free found online, I only provide the programming!

    Actual credits are in the app itself

    And you can follow this (and my other game) over on facebook !

    V 0.1 Download, would appreciate any feedback!

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  • Aaaand update time!

    I have implemented the retry and attempt limits, and also have them regen over time (1 point per 30 minutes).

    Unfortunately you have to be either out of the game for the full 30. or in the game for a full 30.

    So next step is to combine them... More Variables! More Local Storage! Huzah!

    Unfortunately you can't actually buy any more for now..

    I'd really appreciate if people gave this a quick play and let me know what they thought.

    If people enjoy the concept I may continue through to full release.

    I have published a web version as building the APK takes a fair amount of time and isn't worth it for small builds. It is a little slower, and for some reason the web fonts aren't loading... but it's a good enough approximation.

    Works with either mouse, or touch screen input.

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