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  • Hello,

    I currently work on a strategy game in real time:

    You can also play an early version that shows the game mechanics for building your kingdom, the fighting system is not yet implemented. But I would like first to make sure that the building system and the collecting ressources mechanism work fine. Would be great to have some feedback. Maybe to enhance some stuff.

    So the playable version is here:https://www.scirra.com/arcade/strategy-games/c2kingdoms-tech-demo-8014?action=updated

    the player has to manage just 2 kind of ressources: workers available and gold. The player put some farms, and the workers available go from the city to the farm to collect food, it will increase the number of workers available. To get gold, the player place houses, every elapsed time, get one gold but soustract one worker available. It means that the player can choose to increase the number of workers available to collect food or get more gold. The gold will be necessary to build some infrastructures and for army. If some people have some better suggestions, I am listening

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