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  • *EDIT* It seems I cant post links just yet, please just search 2D Survive 'n Craft under the Strategy section. Thank You


    scirra.com/arcade/strategy- ... craft-5265

    Started this game 2/1/16, but it is playable indeed...There are controls for keyboard/mouse, and mobile


    Questing System


    Building Foundations/Campfire

    Planting Seeds

    Save/Load (while in browser)

    Custom Music by me (with Mute option)

  • I played for a little over an hour on my computer and you seem to be on the right track.

    Controls work well, though it is a little tedious to keep clicking for every step that the character has to make, specially when going far away from the house to harvest wood or berries.

    I find it nice that you can plant berries since from one seed you can get plenty back once gaining a few levels and investing into harvesting. Even without, I got twice as many berries back and my character was never hungry a few minutes later into the game because of how many it carried, so well done on that. My concern here is that, eventually, if I was to run out of wood instead, there seems to be no way to grow trees back or atleast, in the time I played, I didn't see any growing/respawning back anywhere along the areas I had cleared. Introducing a sapling seed or similar would be best.

    I bought several shovels after completing quests, but never saw on how to use them, although they dissapeared from my inventory between harvesting and setting down foundations.

    Seeds can be planted over foundations, but as they grow into bushes, the foundation overlaps them, though it can still be harvested.

    Sometimes bushes and trees overlap.

    Foundations are not aling; a.e.: If I put a foundation on a spot and slightly move farther, despite they not being able to overlap, gaps are created that can't be filled unless I went step through step to make sure foundations would be placed one after the other.

    Foundations can not be destroyed/removed.

    There are elements that should have "solid", like the house, as the character currently can go through walls. It would be nice to have trees with a solid behaviour too when coming at them from the front or sides

    Campfires can be stacked one on top of the other, though its animation looks nice and they are endless lasting.

    The character is missing an animation when facing "down" and "up"

    It would be a good idea to replace phone/tablet controls from the screen when using a computer and aswell, add controls for the keyboard that would take up on the "A","B","X" & "Y" commands from the mobile controls completely.

    I like the textures and colors and mainly how simple the game looks and feels. It made me want to keep cutting and harvesting all day if I could. I even had the time to make a long road with foundations as I went along.

    Most of these things may look like "flaws" to some people. But I hope you get to see them as "things to improve"

    I love games of this sort and as I mentioned in the beginning, you are on the right track. Keep up the good work!

  • Kiozuky

    First off, thank you for taking the time to play, I really do appreciate everything. Some of the things you discussed I was aware of, and some I was not. I will try to cover everything you discussed.

    1. Tedious to keep clicking - So right now if you hold down the arrow(on screen, thru touch or mouse) you will kind of sprint. It was in the game I just forget to mention that in the desc. so thank you. I will add keyboard sprint controls, but for now my focus has been on mobile, I feel like I need to make sure the mobile feels right, and the PC version should be easy from there.

    2. Interesting to hear the trees werent respawning, or at least not noticeably, I have a very slow respawn rate, but yes planting trees is better for the game and more fun to do, will add soon.

    3. Lol at the shovel, im sorry, currently it serves no purpose (but it will), basically just put in something for the inventory screen at my brothers request. The bug about it disappearing, between harvesting and setting down foundation, I was not aware of. So basically (ur on keyboard?) between hitting Enter and E you checked the inventory and it wasnt there? I will test this out.

    4. Simple things like 'Seeds can be planted over foundations', thats why I need testers. Thank you, easy fix. Would you want to grow trees in the house, or disable that ability? I will seriously let you choose.

    5. Bushes and trees overlap - Thank you.

    6/7. Foundations not aligning - You are correct, the only fix I had in the short term ( the game is 5 days old ) was to also make them destroyable! Just like with the sprinting, forget to mention this. Click and hold anywhere while your head is overlapping foundation. You will get 5 wood back. I also may have done the same for campfires, with no return on wood. (not sure)

    8. 'the character currently can go through walls' - With the solid behavior, ive only gotten this to work when I assign the 8direction controls behavior , which I dont want, maybe because animation scares me, and that really messed with the sprite. If anyone could tell me how to make the house solid and it actually work, lemme know Im sure its something simple that I just havent figured out yet.

    9.Campfires can be stacked one on top of the other - Easy fix thank you, and I should make them go out at some point, then maybe a way to light it up again...getting ahead of myself. Campfires right now are strictly eye candy lol. No real function.

    10. The character is missing an animation when facing "down" and "up" - I get all my assets from the Kenney Asset packs, and I dont really plan on spending any time developing new assets or animations. I realize that might sound lame. If the lack of an animation were to keep the player from understanding whats going on in any situation, I wouldnt put it in. I dont feel like the game is compromised in this particular situation by this, as ur still able to tell whether your moving up or down.

    11. You've convinced me to set up the PC version to be on par with mobile.

    Thank you, I really do appreciate all the feedback and time you've taken to write that, I would love to see screenshots of stuff people have built! The next 3 days will have plenty of updates, and I cant wait!

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  • No problem.

    Always glad to provide useful feedback. Keep up the good work.

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