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  • http://www.mediafire.com/download/0tzqw ... _File.capx

    This version only contains the sprite rendering and Mode7 based map. If anyone has information on how to make it all come together better, please let me know, otherwise, feel free to use whatever is there for your own projects. (aside from the ground texture, I have to remove that)


    [EDIT] Sprites fully implemented


    Last night I designed a 3D engine based off some 2.5D logic and thought I would expand on it farther to bring in some more 3D effects and Construct 2 native functionality. My plan is to bring everything Construct 2 has to offer for top down gameplay, and possibly others. The entire project will be free and and I'll provide examples and a program that show you how to design JSON based models in it. The way it works is the game loads objects by JSON to Array objects, and these array objects will manipulate polygons at real time. Most of the rendering will be done on CPU, excluding the 2D lighting, which I will implement in a way that works with the 3D objects and such. I will also be including the Normal Map plugin and my own custom lighting to make it like nice. The engine will run off Mode7 and all objects in the world will be placed based on a 3D array of objects.

    There is one array (for sprites) which contains the ID's of the individual objects at X and their sprite name at Y. At the same place as the object's id on the Sprite Array there will be a SpritePositionArray which will position sprites in the world based off inputted information. If you create a sprite who's location is set to 0, 0 (in the instance variables) the engine will set the location of the sprite relative to the location on the layout.

    The same goes for the 3D Objects array, Particals Array, Player Array, etc.

    More news will be uploaded here as I progress. I will be making it a free 2.5/3-D Multiplayer engine for Construct 2. I have already worked out the math in making it work, feel free to ask me about any of it. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • What a great project. Would love to see a Demo of the work you did so far.

    I really like the open source idea btw. Let's see how it will work out performance and look wise

  • Thanks So far I haven't had any problem with performance aside from one moment in time that it crashed my computer. I'm still trying to find out why it did that though. I believe it has something to do with Mode7.

  • I'm interested ^^

  • I'm interested ^^

    Sorry, I dropped this project quite a while ago. But I could help you in figuring out how to get some 2.5D stuff working. I'd suggest getting the Q3D plugin though. I know that may sound a bit counterintuitive if you're going to 2.5D, but some 3D implementation makes for a better looking 2.5D game, and will make the entire workflow a lot easier.

    Again, I'm sorry!

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