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  • 100Skulls is my first personal game project, and I'm creating this topic as an attempt to keep myself motivated and active to finish it within targeted 2 weeks.

    The finished game is going to be uploaded to Scirra Arcade. The game is basic vertical shooter game, witch is actually built straight on a premade template offered by Construct 2.

    The main idea is exactly what the name of the game says: I'm going to create 100 unique and individually animated skull-based sprites as enemies for the game.

    The skulls will be in themed sets of 6-12, and later when they're all finished, they will be uploaded for sale on Scirra store.

    I've already designed and drawn nearly 80 skulls, and done some very basic work with the actual game.

    You can try the game - as it currently is - here: http://www.frogonfly.fi/c2/games/100skulls/

    I also wish to introduce the first fully completed set of 8 skulls. The Gemstone Collection:

    I'm aiming to make updates here at least once a day, so you know where to find me.

    You'll find me also from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frogonflystudios/


    -Usva, from Frogonfly Studios.

  • What is a game without a story:

    An army of 100 skull-like aliens have arrived to earth, and they are here to wipe out all of us.

    To make their task more easy, they've decided to camouflage themselves with appearances that appeals to us:

    Delicious foods, hobbies, shiny things... with more or less success in every costume.

    Food is sure to be appealing to all, afterall, it's something we cannot live without,

    so I'm introducing the next full set of 12: Sweet and salty! Not so healthy though.

  • Introducing a set of 10 for the thirsty ones: Drinks on us!

  • Witch one are you?

  • So far so good, I've actually got some things done and kept my phase. Days are going fast and I'm getting way too little sleep, but that's cool, cause I found myself being pretty psyched about this project! I just need to restrict myself from going back and doing changes to these finished skulls, to avoid crushing the schedule. If everything goes well, I will have all 100 skulls finished up by the end of this weeks... this means I have 4 days time to create 48 more skulls. I have some planned ahead and the rest are planned in my head, so I believe i can do that. I can't wait to get animating these skulls, and getting to compile the actual game!

    Do you know who these guys are?

  • Here's a small set of balls:

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  • Yet another set of skulls: Working class heroes.

  • I made some progress today, but didn't manage to finish up the next set, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

    it's been 7 days now, and nearly all the skulls are ready. During creating them, I've noticed my work getting better,

    and I may have to return to some of the earlier skulls to add some details, shadows and gradients.

    Overall, I'm pretty proud of the progress, though I realized today that the game itself will not be ready in the time limit.

    I'm in an rare and unusual position, where someone else has created my schedule, and she's not here yet

    to tell me how things will go. So, I'll just keep on working, until I run out of time. My next goal is to get all of these skulls

    animated (3 frames) till the end of the next week. Wish me luck!

  • This set of 10 skulls of different nationalities, is so far the one I'm most proud of:

  • I found myself today being kinda fed up drawing skulls, and decided to start building a mock-up for them,

    where customers could see the animations in action. Maybe tomorrow I manage to share a link to it.

  • Here's what it's gonna be like. yea it's a mess, currently, but I'll get to it:


  • Today was so hectic that I didn't really have any time to sit on computer working for this project. Just posting to keep them consecutive, will update again tomorrow.

  • Today I fixed a bit the exhibition base for the finished and animated skulls.

    I hope to get 1 or 2 sets ready during this weekend.


  • Nothing new to show quite yet.

  • The first of the presented sets has now been animated!

    I'll admit it, I started off with the easiest one. I also renamed the set, to "Deceiving dazzlers".

    Animated skulls can now be previewed at the updated 100Skulls exhibition:


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