I vote Scirra creates Plugin Source Control

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  • Is anyone at Scirra able to do something simple like getting all the plugins into source control?

    Something similar to GitHub, or Codeplex, whether it uses Subversion, Git, TFS, or the like, I've really got to say that despite everyone's excellent plugin enthusiasm, the plugin forum is a really dreadful place for any professional, seasoned developer, to get plugins.

    I'm doing a company evaluation of the product, and despite that the product is excellent, the lack of plugin 'Hello World' type of things, with an ordered resource of community contributions, starts to make it difficult for me to think that if we do adopt the product, that our own users will easily be able to create plugins themselves.

    I mean this entirely positively despite that I feel like I have wasted a day trawling this forum looking for something simple.

    Kind regards,


  • xquirrel

    I had a tool to download all of my plugins in latest version. It's more convince than github.

    And... the user manual of plugin on this forums is important, too. So user still need to find the post (user manual).

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  • xquirrel - I'm a bit confused by your post. What does the availability of third party plugins have to do with users being able to write their own plugins? We have a fully documented plugin SDK with a template download that provides a "hello world" type sample for a plugin, behavior and effect. Are you asking for better SDK documentation, or some way to better organise the third party plugins on the forum? We do have plans to introduce a better plugin download system at some point, but we're just too busy to do it right now, and I don't see how that would impede other developers who want to write their own plugins.

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