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  • [quote:va2dtu18]


    For simplicity, and because I can not anticipate the 1000, you can not anticipate the 1000 parameter function call you might want to make, the plugin only passes 2 values back to the event system:

    1. the function name

    2. all of the function parameters, in a csv string

    These can be obtained using expressions or they can be uploaded into an array using JSON: for any x position:

    y = 0 for the function name

    y = 1 for the csv string of parameters

    Dust off your text manipulation techniques and "token" will be your friend.

    I was hoping to avoid digging into csv

    A small example of adding a couple of parameters might make the task easier

    First impression - it works! This is the system I dreamed about )

  • I was hoping to avoid digging into csv

    A small example of adding a couple of parameters might make the task easier

    First impression - it works! This is the system I dreamed about )

    Hurrah!! I did include an example but it was probably buried too deeply into the Twine Instructions project to be obvious. I'll adjust at a future update. To declare a function with some params, just add something like the following after the passage dialogue:


    In the expressions, you can obtain these by looping through the functions in the passage (unlimited number of function calls) or you can load them all into an array AsJSON (loaded along x axis with y=0 giving function name "MyFunction", y=1 giving csv of all params "param0,param1,param2,param3,etc").

  • Simple function call and animation selection via Twine.VariableAtIndex

    I will deal with F.param later )

    I plan to actively use it in a month. Probably, I will appear here with questions.

    Thanks for the unique plugin!

  • repkino - that's excellent! I look forward to seeing what else you can do with it!!

  • repkino - great work ! I bought the plugin and followed the instructions. I loaded the .html file in Twine (version 2.2.1) but impossible to play it and test it.

  • Laurent - thanks! I'm not sure what could be wrong with the Instructions.html - the "Import from file" should do the trick - it works on all of my browsers (I tested using the on-line version and not the download version).

  • Do I have to change Format ?

    I uploaded yours in Twine but if loading your html file into Twine was ok, it is still impossible to play it

  • Laurent - if I understand correctly, if you want to play it in Twine then you have to use a different export format to play it (ie not Twison).

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  • Colludium - I've tried using all available formats but all it displays is something like :


    "passages": [ { "text": "Welcome to the Twine instructions - made using Twine!\n\nIf you haven't imported and opened the Instructions project in Twine then please do so. If you don't know how to do that, open Twine in a separate window and click on \"Import from file\" on the right.\n\nBut first - have you imported the JSON formatter yet? If not, please do that first.\n\n[[Actions->actions1]]\n[[Conditions->conditions1]]\n[[Expressions->express1]]\n[[Setup JSON export->get json1]]\n[[Examples->examples main]]\n\n---\nAs soon as you declare a link, variable, object reference, function or use \"---\" then all following text is ignored.\n\n>>var1 val1\n>>var2 val2\n##objref1\n##objref2\n@@func1,param0\n@@func2,param0,param1\n\n",

    "links": [ { "name": "Actions", "link": "actions1", "pid": "2" }, { "name": "Conditions", "link": "conditions1", "pid": "3" }, { "name": "Expressions", "link": "express1", "pid": "4" }, { "name": "Setup JSON export", "link": "get json1", "pid": "17" etc etc

  • Laurent - you're selecting play with the export format set to Twison. That's the method that you use to obtain the JSON export from Twine, but if you want to run through it in your browser then you need to select the export format inside the Instructions story.

    Here's how to do it. With Instructions open as the active story, select "Instructions" popup by the home button (bottom left - the popup name is the same as the project story name) then select "Change Story Format" and select something that is not Twison (I recommend "Harlowe"). Et voila! I hope. Let me know if that works - but the text you pasted above is the Twison export, so I am sure that these steps will help.

  • Lovely ! It works now. Thanks !

  • Excellent 😁

  • Update v1.01 submitted to the store for approval.

    New Actions:

    Delete all stories

    Delete story by name

    Both to allow you control of the plugin memory use.


    Added protection from commanding actions if there are no stories loaded.

  • Hello,

    I'm interested by your plugin for Construct2, I can't find it in the store anymore, but it seems still available on Is it still working?


  • Hi holi - yes indeed - all of my plugins are available on Thanks for your interest in Twine!

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