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    Guys. I need help on something.

    I am stuck on developing my game. it is 95% finished (If you only look at the mechanics and not the arts and design).

    Here are the rules of my game.

    it is a number game.

    there are nine buttons on the screen with numbers 1-9 on them.

    there will be a random number(Sprite) flashed on the screen one by one. Whatever is currently flashed, is the correct answer. However, there is a twist.

    Instead of having the current number as the correct answer, the previous number WILL BE the correct answer. For example, the first number appeared is 1, technically since there are no previous numbers, the correct answer is one.

    the next number flashed is 5, for example. since the previous number is 1, the answer is 1. then the next number flashed is 9. since the previous number is 5, the answer is five.

    the point where i am stuck at is that i cannot assign the previous number as the correct answer.

    my current capx is that the current number is the correct answer and i cannot make the previous one as the correct.

    Please PM me for those who can be of help. im gonna send you my .capx via email so you can under what algorithm i used.


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