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  • I just wanted to ask any of active c2 developers to make some all in one behavior for a different weapons to use in some different kinds of projects.

    This was a nice one:


    but it has some issues and i wanted to ask its author to add some features, but he was last seen 2 years ago and i guess he is not coming back(sadly).

    One of its biggest strengths is the built in reload system(reproducing which for multiple instances lately in one strategy project i've meet some troubles).

    Issues of the behavior mentioned (besides errors it is frequently giving) is that it some of its actions are aimed at single user instance(for example, if i want to make an RTS and will add this behavior to more than one instance they will shoot all together once one of them will open fire).

    But it would be quite nice for it to be used within families and for any amount of instances which could be calculated individually(every unit fires, reloads etc. for his own).

    More than that i wanted to ask to add features like

    • "Spread" option, which would add an angular randomization to firing bullets.

    I.e. spread 10 would set angle randomization to each bullet on fire in range of 10 degrees(from +5 to -5 from the actual angle).

    • Number of bullets fired with each shot


    • Setup - for weapons that need some time to prepare the fire
    • Burst fire option w/ number of shots fired - simulates defined-length bursts fire.

    I am aware that all this can be made with the standard C2 tools, but it would be real nice to have all the things designers would need connected with shooting in one place. C2 got a standard turret, car, platform behaviors, i think that this weapon behavior would be well meet and widely used.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • raptor0723 , I am also looking something like jj_weapon but no luck , the guy who made jj_weapon just left as you said.

    I have one question about the jj_weapon that is it ok to use it or not, like what we have now in jj_weapon , this is also a lot good and useful.

    Hope someone come listen to us. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks in advanced.

    Bye bye take care.

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