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  • If there is something that would make Construct2 complete for me, then it would be a plugin that makes text-heavy narratives like those in visual novels easier to create.

    Something that can: easily fetch the script from a text document to display on the screen (maybe from a hash table or such, to show both the lines and name of the speaker? Not sure what is best atm), keep track of already seen text for use in functions like rollback/log (for those who click one time too many and miss some text), and the ability to skip or fast-forward through already seen text.

    So far I haven't seen any easy way to create the last two effects, unless I've missed something recently. I think a plugin for something like this would be immensely useful for anyone wanting to include text-based story bits in their games. One can always hope?

  • I had made a plugin which will parse commands from a csv format string, then execute them through function object.

    In this case, you might first create function like

    [quote:ghtwvy05]function name: "talk"

    function parameter 0: character name

    function parameter 1: content


    Then add

    [quote:ghtwvy05]0, talk, "Name", "content"

    In csv.

  • Oh, I'll take a look at that when I get back home

    Wil it be possible to do those last features with this as well, the rollback and log functions?

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  • Vati-nyan

    This plugin only could run commands (function call) by text string. It could not log messages. Maybe it could be implemented at displaying message function.

    Rollback is another feature. It might be done by starting at different command segment.

    "Visual novel" might not only display messages, but also need to load image or music/sound effect, imo.


    Here is another thread which discussing visual Novel Engine.

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