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  • Hi,

    It would be nice to have a smooth visual transition between layouts, such as Fade In/Fade Out or Slide In/Slide Out.

    I think this would be used instead of the "System/Goto Layout" action.

    Don't know if this is even possible though!

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  • Unless you're talking about having two layouts be visible simultaneoulsy (like say with fade in/out the layouts would fade between each other instead of "layout1 fades out to black" then "layout2 fades in from black") I don't see the benefit.

  • Aah, okay searching for fade rather than transisition turned up some posts, where I can add an extra layer to each layout.

    Then fade layer out, swap layout, fade layer in.

    Although I think a "system/transition to layout" action would be nicer :)

    Can devs make System actions, or only Scirra?

  • If they can add the fade in fade out behaviour, they can add the layout transitions like in mmf2 I guess.


    Why not add a change fade in/out time and wait time option in the action event for easier use? So that I don't need to make 2 big black objects screen sized with one fade in and the other fade out then will have to make one of them invincible and execute fade in/out. What do you think? :)

    P.S. and don't even think of using shaders for scene transitions, because mobile doesn't support it yet, right?

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