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  • When you play some games when enemies die they were scattered like dust. Or some enemy's being scattered when teleportation. I want to add cool scattering effect for enemy but for now I just need to add a lot of image points from sprites and put one-shot particles everywhere. To explain in detail, below is the algorithm of the effect. It should be behaviour like Fade if possible.

    The behaviour name is 'Scatter'. When you add this, the interface looks like this.

    Rate is how many grid the image will be scattered. For example, if grid is many, then system detects grid like this. This applies to whole animation of sprite.

    If few, less lines.

    Spray cone... I'm not sure I should add this but just pass that.

    Okay, the direction is where the image will be scattered. To up? To down? Or add spray cone over the image and let user decide this.

    Fade in and out is the time of fade. But it's more likely... when enemy restored from dust (some ghost type) restoration speed is up to fade in speed. It's like creating new object with auto fade in but more complicated. Currently it's better only put fade out property. It means the object will be destroyed automatically after scatter.

    Speed is the speed of scattering.

    Size... I think scattering is completely based on sprites so it's better pull off.

    Grow rate is important. Like how big the scatter will grow when scattering starts. Of course, it can be smaller when put negative.

    Random things are just random things.

    And I forgot adding 'gravity'. Gravity working same as particles.

    So this is the algorithm. But I think it'd be really complicated when counting on 'collisions'. Like will scattered image be part of its collision event? But I think it's better automatically disable collision when scatter starts. Also the initial value of it should be disabled. It's only activated when trigger starts.

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