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  • As far as I know, I believe that C2 is gaming-oriented and was not made to be for mobiles more than it was for classical devices. I have also reason to believe that Scirra plans to favor Intel's Crosswalk technology for Android (and possibly other platforms).

    Now the question:

    Is anybody willing to build a plugin to integrate push notification for mobiles? Even via the common third party channels (ie. Ludei Cocoonjs, Intel XDK etc.)?

    I think this function would make the difference and create new business opportunities for apps, since C2 misses very few functionalities to become an app-creator as much as it is a game-creator.

    If someone is interested in developing such a plugin, I am happy to help him at least by testing and promoting a fund-raising/kickstarter campaign so that their efforts are well repaid.


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  • Pretty sure that requires a separate server to send those messages, when an app is off, its off.

  • i have made plugin based on Ludei Cocoonjs (CocoonJS v1.4.7), but now released CocoonJS v2 and it doesn`t work

  • Did u get it working on CocoonJS V2 ? I really needed the notifications in my game , will you be able to share the plugin ?

  • Hello to all people intersted in CocoonJS Push and Local Notifications Plugin!

    I'm selling this plugin right now! You can read more about the plugin and buy it here:

    I hope you will like the plugin!

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